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Science Highlights

Future Catalytic Converters Could Give More Bang for Your Buck (Ohio State University News article)
It's All Geometry: Studying How Li-Ion Batteries Shape Up (To be published in "APS Science 2022")
Peeling Onions to Help Crops Withstand Drought and Disease (Canadian Light Source article)
Pivotal Battery Discovery Could Impact Transportation and the Grid (Argonne National Laboratory press release)
Probing How Proteins Pair Up Inside Cells (MIT news release)
Discovered: An Easier Way to Create “Flexible Diamonds” (Carnegie Institution for Science press release)
Evidence for Exotic Magnetic Phase of Matter (Brookhaven National Laboratory news story)
Is a New Phase of Mineral a Clue to Internal Dynamics of a “Super Earth”? (To be published in "APS Science 2022, Volume 1")
Magnetic-like Vortices and Cycloids Observed in a Ferroelectric Material (To be published in "APS Science 2022)
BraggNN: Deep Learning for X-ray Diffraction Microscopy (To be published in "APS Science 2022, Volume 1")
Nanostructures Get Complex with Electron Equivalents (Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering & University of Michigan news stories)
Deep Learning Dreams Up New Protein Structures (University of Washington Medicine news release)
Revealing Fundamental Details Surrounding Nanoparticle Self-Assembly (To be published in "APS Science 2021, Volume 1")