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Science Highlights

A New Chemical Process That Could Reduce Nitrogen Oxides from Diesel Exhaust (University of Notre Dame press release)
New Clues Found to a Common Respiratory Virus (Washington University in St. Louis press release)
Isotope Evidence for Lithium’s Quantum Lattice (University of Utah press release)
Water Exists as Two Different Liquids (Stockholm University press release)
Decomposing Leaves are a Surprising Source of Greenhouse Gases (Michigan State University press release)
Why Rocks Flow Slowly in the Earth's Middle Mantle (Arizona State University press release)
Jumping a Hurdle in HIV Vaccine Design (Press release from The Scripps Research Institute)
A Newly Discovered Chemical Reaction in the Eye May Improve Vision (Case Western Reserve University press release)
A Potential Approach against Parasites (National Institutes of Health press release)
The Science of the Circadian Clock (University of California, Merced news item)
New Evidence for a Water-Rich History on Mars (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory news release)
Turning Up the Heat for Perfect (Nano)Diamonds (American Institute of Physics article)