The Advanced Photon Source
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Science Highlights

An Unexpected Enzyme Structure (MIT press release)
A “Paradigm Shift” in Energy Storage (Vanderbilt School of Engineering press release)
A Highly Efficient Single-Atom Catalyst Could Help Auto Industry (Canadian Light Source press release)
Diamond Anvils Yield New Insight into the Deep Earth (Caltech press release)
3-D X-ray Images May Shed Light on Bridge Collapses (Texas A&M University press release)
Rare Antibodies Show How to Neutralize the Many Types of Ebola (Scripps Research Institute press release)
Physicists Observe Long-Sought Nanoscale Phenomenon (“Nebraska Today” article)
Guardian of the Cell (Harvard Medical School press release )
Gold Protein Clusters as Environmental and Health Detectors (Canadian Light Source news release)
New Clues to Improving Chemotherapies (Scripps Research Institute press release)