The Advanced Photon Source
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Science Highlights

First-Ever U.S. Experiments May Lead to Better Explosive Modeling (Los Alamos National Laboratory press release)
A Key Psychiatric Drug Target Comes Into Focus (University of California, San Francisco, press release)
A Navigational View of the Brain (Georgia Tech press release)
Transformation of Graphite into Hexagonal Diamond (Washington State University press release)
Crystals in a Pink X-ray Beam (DESY press release)
Proteins May Prevent Dysfunction and Disease by Relaxing (Notre Dame University and University of Chicago press releases)
Quantum Frontiers (University of Tennessee, Knoxville highlight)
Form Reveals Function in New Study of HIV-Fighting Protein (University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute press release)
Crystallizing the Discovery of a Key Target for Cancer Drugs (Yale Cancer Center press release)
A Step Toward Better “Beyond Lithium” Batteries (Bath University press release)
The Origins of Photosynthesis in a Sun-Loving Bacteria ( Arizona State University press release)
Newly-Discovered Semiconductor Dynamics May Help Improve Energy Efficiency (University of Illinois at Chicago press release)
The First Crystal Model of an Under-Diagnosed Autoimmune Disease (University of Southern California press release)
A Peanut Family Secret for Making Chemical Building Blocks is Revealed (University of Wisconsin-Madison press release)
The Glass Transition Caught in the Act (Washington University in St. Louis press release)