The Advanced Photon Source
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Science Highlights

Army-developed Vaccine Induces Potent Zika and Dengue Cross-neutralizing Antibodies (Walter Reed Army Research Institute press release)
Dialing-Up Diamagnetism to Search for a New Material (To appear in "APS Science 2019 Volume 2")
Probing a Paradox in Pharmaceutical Formulation (To be published in "APS Science 2019, Volume 2")
Coupling Single Platinum Atoms to Form Clusters Improves Catalytic Activity (To be published in "APS Science 2019, Volume 2")
How Bird Feathers Stick Together for Superior Flight Control (To be published in "APS Science 2019, Volume 2")
New Coronavirus Protein Reveals Drug Target (Northwestern University press release)
A Therapeutic Target for Parkinson’s Disease (From "APS Science 2019, Volume 1")
Resolving Some Mysteries of Cement Formation (From "APS Science 2019, Volume 2")
Good Vibrations (From "APS Science 2019, Volume 1")
Anti-Leukemia Compound Induces Complete Remission in Mouse Models (University of Michigan Health Lab press release)
Putting the Squeeze on AM Lattices (From "APS Science 2019, Volume 1")
Toward a Strong, Lightweight, and Ductile Aluminum Alloy (From "APS Science 2019, Volume 1")
The Future is Pink for Molecular Movies (From "APS Science 2019, Volume 2")
Nano-Scale X-Ray Vision: Probing Crystal Defects (University of Oxford press release)
Revealing Insects’ Physiological Responses to Gravity (Virginia Tech and Arizona State University press releases)
“Superdiamond” Carbon-Boron Cages Can Trap and Tap into Different Properties (Carnegie Institution for Science press release)
A Novel Inhibitor Provides a Boost for Chemotherapy (From "APS Science 2019, Volume 1")