The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Safety & Training

The EFOG group (Experiment Facilities Operations Group) provides facility ESH oversight for all user experiment safety and day-to-day beamline activities. The EFOG Floor Coordinators are deployed around the experiment hall, providing shift coverage, and support to users and beamline operations personnel to help ensure their activities meet ESH standards.

Floor Coordinator Request

Pager 2-0101
Cell Phone : 630-863-0808
(alternate 630-863-0829)

Floor Coordinator Request
Experiment Safety
Using Material / Samples
Reference Material
APS Facility Safety Tools and Forms (APS domain only)
Training Reports

Safety Contacts


ESAF  Questions


  • Nena Moonier
  • EFOG Group Leader
  • APS Biosafety Officer
  • 630-252-8504
Reporting Incidents and Injuries
  • Emergency call 911 or 630-252-1911 and notify your supervisor
  • Non-emergency call 811 or 630-252-1811 and notify your supervisor