The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS Seminars & Meetings Overview


Users Meeting

An annual week-long event with presentations, expos, posters, workshops, and social events.

All-Hands Meeting

Update meetings for PSC staff and resident users.


User Science Series

A lunchtime gathering with presentations of the newest results from the experiment hall floor. Speakers are not announced in advance.

Beamline Controls (BC) Bluesky Discussion

A weekly meeting with the Beamline Controls staff to discuss Bluesky


APS Colloquium

A series that brings distinguished scientists from all disciplines to lecture on topics of general interest.

APS Scientific Computation Seminar Series

The series is focused on various aspects of computation for synchrotron science; talks are related to data analysis, reconstruction, theory, simulation, optimization, machine learning, automation, and visualization. The seminar provides an opportunity to present and learn about state-of-the-art software and the application of computational, AI/ML and mathematical techniques to synchrotron science.

APS Upgrade (APS-U) Forum

Provides an opportunity for discussion, presentation and communication amongst the resident user community, those working on the project, and those working on R&D topics of importance to the future of the APS.Will help strengthen and streamline communications between the APS-U and the various APS communities.

APS-Upgrade (APS-U) Planning Meeting

A meeting that emphasizes topics relevant primarily to people working directly for the APS-U project.

Argonne Beams and Applications

Intended for accelerator scientists, engineers, and technicians. The seminars focus on the physics, technology, and applications of particle and photon beams.

GSAS-II Users' Meeting

Topical meetings for ANL-based users of GSAS-II, an APS-developed software package for x-ray and neutron diffraction supporting data analysis techniques that include single-crystal crystallography, powder diffraction crystallography (Rietveld analysis), stress and texture measurements, small-angle scattering, area detector calibration and integration, and soon reflectometry. It replaces the aging GSAS/EXPGUI packages, which are currently cited ~500 times/year, but GSAS-II offers many more capabilities.

InterCAT Technical Workgroup (TWG)

A forum for direct discussion and exchange of technical information between beamline technical personnel and the APS.

Scientific Interest Groups

Self-organizing groups offer forums for discussion among users and beamline staff who are interested in advancing synchrotron research in specialized areas.