The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility


The PSC Directorate has established the following standing committees
Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)
High-level advisory body to the Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for the APS. Meets a minimum of once per year to (1) evaluate the scientific output and use of the facility, (2) provide policy advice, and (3) participate in strategic planning.
General / Administrative

The PSC Safety Committee Working Group has examined the roles of APS safety committees, how well they function, and how well they address the needs of the facility.

The Committee found that the APS Safety committee structure has evolved over the life of the facility to meet emergent needs. It is not clear that this has been done in a coordinated way. Over time, the roles of some committees have morphed from their original purpose. Some of our committees are duplicated at the lab-level; most address the unique needs of the APS. The charters of some committees overlap. Some meet rarely, others meet regularly. Most are effective and useful to some extent. The output of some committees is low and others are very active. 

The Working group developed recommendations that reduce the number of standing committees from thirteen to five committees and one subcommittee. The reduction is achieved by eliminating and/or combining some committees, and retaining others. The new structure provides all functions essential to the mission of the APS. The charters and scope of committees in the new structure do not overlap.

Safety reviews become an integral part of the new Design Review process. The new structure builds on the strong part of our current system, extending the concept of the BSDRSC to cover all APS design reviews.