The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

X-ray Laue Diffraction Microscopy in 3D at 34-ID-E, APS

Welcome to 34-ID-E!

The Laue diffraction microscopy at 34-ID uses the polychromatic Laue micro-diffraction technique to examine the structure of materials with sub-micron spatial resolution in all three dimensions. Properties that can be measured include local crystallographic orientations, orientation gradients and strains.

The science area brings together a very large and scientifically diverse community with interests in materials deformation processes, recrystallization, electromigration, solid-solution precipitation, high pressure environments, and condensed matter physics.

Beamline Phone Number: (630) 252-1834

Beamline Specs
Source Undulator A
Energy Range 7-30 keV
Beam Size 300 nm × 300 nm
Energy Resolution (ΔE/E) 1 × 10-4
Flux (photons/sec) 1 × 1011 (white)
1 × 109 (mono)