The Advanced Photon Source
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2008 Beams and Applications Seminars

A CW Normal-Conductive RF Gun For Free Electron Laser and Energy Recovery Linac Applications - June 17th

Fernando Sannibale, LBNL


Mass and wavelength standards: Metrology with X-ray interferometry, status report - June 16th

Peter Becker, Braunschweig, Germany


Developments of INFN-Legnaro Nuclear Beam Facilities - April 8th

Giovanni Bisoffi, LNL/INFN, Legnaro, Italy


Can We Increase The Operating Gradients Of Linacs? - March 21st

Jim Norem, HEP/ANL


Wakefields in the LCLS Undulator Vacuum Chamber - February 29th

Gennady Stupakov, LCLS/SLAC


Slide Presentation (pdf)

Advanced Laser Development at Aculight - February 28th

Andrew Brown, Aculight Corportation


NSLS-II: AN Evolutionary Light Source Design - February 22nd

Steve Kramer, NSLS BNL


B&A Seminar chair:

2007 - 2008 B.Mustapha, PHY

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