The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

2001 Beams and Applications Seminars

Radiofrequency Quadrupole Accelerators for the RIA Facility - December 7th

Andrei Kolomiets, IETP, Moscow



Radiofrequency Quadrupole Accelerators for the RIA Facility - November 20th

Takashi Tanaka, SPring-8


Recent Progress in Peking University RF SC Accelerator Laboratory - June 27th

Xiangyang Lu, Peking University


Status of the BESSY FEL project - June 25th

Rene Bakker, BESSY


Photoinjector Experiments: Measurment of Thermal Emittance and Femtosecond Time Structure - May 24th

William S. Graves, BNL


The GANIL / SPIRAL facility and future projects - May 18th

Eric Baron, GANIL


TTF: Past, Present and Future - May 17th

Bart Faatz, DESY


Neutrons Against Cancer - April 20th

Arlene J. Lennox, Fermilab


Passing the torch: the Higgs at LEP and beyond - March 16th

Kara Hoffman, University of Chicago


FFAG: Phoenix in the Development of Accelerators - February 23rd

Lee Teng, ANL/ASD


Ionization Cooling of Muon Beams - February 9th

Paul Lebrun, Fermilab


Counting Atoms and Molecules - A Proposed End-User Facility for LEUTL - January 26th

Michael J. Pellin, Materials Science / Chemistry Division, ANL


B&A Seminar chair:

2001 - 2002 Z. Huang, ASD
2000 - 2001 G. Travish, ASD

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