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Proposal Review Panels

Proposal Review Panels

Regarding Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality

Conflict of Interest (COI):

As a Proposal Review Panel (PRP) member, you are obligated to inform the panel chair of any conflicts of interest that may arise with respect to proposals that your panel is set to review. Examples of COIs include:

  • PRP member is listed as a participant on the proposal
  • PRP member is from the same institution as the proposal author(s)
  • PRP member has any commercial or financial interest in the proposed work
  • PRP member has a close personal (e.g., family) and/or close professional (e.g., a former student) tie to proposal collaborators or PIs


Under no circumstances should PRP members discuss any aspects of PRP business outside of the review meetings. PRP members must not communicate with the authors of a proposal at any time during the review process. Any discussion of PRP business must be strictly limited to other panel members and APS staff as needed for technical advice or improvement of the review process.

Real-time PRP Score Tracking Application

Archived PRP Scores Application

High Pressure Instrumentation Imaging/Microbeam
Barbara Lavina, Chair Robert Henning, Chair Garth Williams, Chair
  • James Walsh
  • Camelia Stan
  • Arianna Gleason
  • Antonio Moreira dos Santos
  • Shanti Deemyad
  • Maik Lang
  • Thomas Fitzgibbons
  • Wenli Bi
  • Jason Jeffries
  • Jennifer Girard
  • Ross Hrubiak
  • Dongzhou Zhang
  • Anne Pommier
  • Gary Navrotski
  • Yu-Sheng Chen
  • Bhoopesh Mishra
  • Dula Parkinson
  • Balaji Raghothamachar
  • Mingyuan Ge
  • Trevor Willey
  • Olga Antipova
  • Yijin Liu
  • Sarah Nicolas
  • Ashley Bucsek


ScatteringCondensed Matter

ScatteringApplied Materials
  Divine Kumah, Chair Darren Pagan, Chair
  • Matthew Brahlek
  • Kemp Plumb
  • Phil Ryan
  • Stephen Wilson
  • Hua Zhou
  • Sara Haravifard
  • Mingda Li
  • Jacob Ruff


  • Stephan Hruszkewycz
  • Tao Li
  • Sumit Kewalramani
  • Michael Sangid
  • Mark Daymond
  • Carolin Sutter-Fella
Spectroscopy--Enviro/Earth/Bio Spectroscopy--Chem/Catalysis Spectroscopy--CMP/Magnetism
Yuji Arai, Chair Kyler Carroll, Chair Riccardo Comin, Chair
  • Ashaki Rouff
  • Xiaofeng Guo
  • Zhenxing Feng
  • Yulia Pushkar
  • Koffi Yao
  • Tianpin Wu
  • Jier Huang
  • Lu Ma
  • Giuseppina Conti
  • Gerald Seidler
  • Alex Frano
  • Christina Rost
  • Yongseong Choi


ScatteringChem/Bio/Enviro Small-angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Dynamic Compression
Greeshma Gadikota, Chair Joe Strzalka, Chair Tim Germann, Chair
  • Ivan Kuzmenko
  • David Powers
  • Shao-Liang Zheng
  • Derk Joester
  • Millicent Firestone
  • Maria Bewley
  • Andy Herring
  • Samanvaya Srivastava
  • David Lambright
  • Joshua Hammons
  • Zhe Qiang
  • Robert Moore
  • Justin Brown
  • Alan Kastengren
  • Thomas Sewell
  • Alison Kubota
Structural Science Inelastic X-ray Scattering Pump Probe
James Kaduk, Chair Stuart Calder, Chair Eric Landahl, Chair
  • Ryan Ott
  • Peter Khalifah
  • Craig Bridges
  • Kevin Stone
  • Michelle Dolgos
  • Jamie Neilson
  • Valeri Petkov
  • Andrew Payzant
  • Jennifer Swift
  • Scott Misture
  • Craig Brown
  • David Billing
  • Jennifer Niedziela
  • Cora Lind-Kovacs
  • Raj Suryanarayanan
  • Alan Goldman
  • Jonah Klemm-Toole
  • Raphael Hermann
  • Yong Cai
  • Yue Cao
  • Jonathan Pelliciari
  • Anne Marie March
  • Matthew DeCamp
  • Dugan Hayes
  • Katherine Davis





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