The Advanced Photon Source
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Three at APS Receive Award for Outstanding Safety Performance

Two members of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Engineering Support Division (AES) and a member of the Infrastructure Services Division who is assigned to the APS are among the Argonne employees throughout the Lab who received Argonne National Laboratory Board of Governors Awards for Outstanding Safety Performance.

Kenneth Belcher, Safety Interlocks Group Leader, and Mike Edelen, AES Division Director, are two of 13 members of the Argonne Electrical Safety Committee who are recipients of the James B. Porter Jr. Team Award for Outstanding Safety Performance. The award is given annually to “a team of Laboratory employees working in any part of the Laboratory who embody the principles of integrated safety management and directly contribute to the creation and sustenance of a positive safety culture and a commitment to excellence in workplace safety.”

George Doktorczyk, who is assigned to the APS and is a Principal Electrical Engineer with Facilities, Building, and Maintenance in the Infrastructure Services Division is also a recipient of this team award.

According to its charter, the purpose of the Argonne Electrical Safety Committee is to “support implementation of Argonne National Laboratory's electrical safety program and provide overarching guidance for the Laboratory's electrical safety program.” This is achieved through a comprehensive list of 16 responsibilities that include instituting policies and practices regarding the conduct and regulatory compliance of electrical and related work at Argonne; promoting the electrical safety program improvement process; evaluating and recommending the contractual adoption of new or revised standards, codes, and requirements for electrical work; providing subject matter experts as required for Laboratory critiques of electrical incidents; and reviewing occurrence reports involving electrical issues, participating in root-cause analyses, and providing electrical safety information for dissemination, such as accident reports and lessons learned.

John Connolly, APS Deputy Associate Lab Director for Operations, said of this award, “Through their diligence and exemplary demonstration of the Laboratory’s Core Values, Ken, Mike, George, and the other deserving members of this Committee have made a truly significant contribution to the safety of our employees and users by achieving a remarkable record of electrical safety at Argonne.”

The original Argonne announcement can be read here.

The Advanced Photon Source is a DOE Office of Science User Facility operated for the DOE Office of Science by Argonne National Laboratory under Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357

The U.S. Department of Energy's APS at Argonne National Laboratory is one of the world’s most productive x-ray light source facilities. Each year, the APS provides high-brightness x-ray beams to a diverse community of more than 5,000 researchers in materials science, chemistry, condensed matter physics, the life and environmental sciences, and applied research. Researchers using the APS produce over 2,000 publications each year detailing impactful discoveries, and solve more vital biological protein structures than users of any other x-ray light source research facility. APS x-rays are ideally suited for explorations of materials and biological structures; elemental distribution; chemical, magnetic, electronic states; and a wide range of technologically important engineering systems from batteries to fuel injector sprays, all of which are the foundations of our nation’s economic, technological, and physical well-being.

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