The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

User Access Start and End Dates

In order to document consistent start and end dates for all users, the APS has been participating in a complex programming effort that involves several computer systems: various APS and ANL platforms, the Lab’s foreign visits and assignments systems, and the Lab’s new HR system (WorkDay) . These dates are very important as they now impact several aspects of a user’s experience including site access (badging and gate passes), training, computer access, ESAFs, etc.

APS policy states that the longest time frame a user can be granted access to the Lab is two years, whether US or non-US. Non-US users are granted access based on immigration document dates to a max of two years, after which they have to re-register and present new status documentation. The process of establishing a protocol for the assignment of end dates has been challenging, resulting in changes that you may have noticed on the ESAF system. We are confident that a stable and viable process has now been established and we are nearing completion of this project.

Many “regular" users who have been coming to APS “forever” have not fully renewed their registrations in many years, hence the “old” expiration dates appearing on the ESAFs. These users should renew their user registration info at to have their access approval dates extended for two years (or the timeframe determined by immigration documents). The renewal of registration information also serves two important safety-related purposes: 1) the collection of up-to-date emergency contact information in the event a user suffers a catastrophic health emergency, and 2) the collection of cell phone number (if the user has one) in the event of a facility wide emergency (e.g., a tornado) where we need to implement an emergency notification text (a process has been set up using the Mir3 supercomputer).

Notification e-mails are (and have been) in place to notify non-US users of impending or past expiration of site access. Automated reminders have now been established for all users to “re-up” their user registration records if they are planning to return to APS. Users with current, valid APS user badges may continue to use them for site access, but we request that they renew their user registration information if their dates appear as ‘expired’ on an ESAF regardless of their badge status. The APS User Office appreciates everyone's patience so far during this process and in the weeks to come as we implement these new, automated systems that will better serve both the user community and facility staff.

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