The Advanced Photon Source
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UChicago Argonne, LLC Board of Governors Awards


The UChicago Argonne, LLC Board of Governors for Argonne honored 38 Argonne employees and 3 children of Argonne employees with awards at the 2009 Awards Program held on Monday, June 29, 2009. Among the honorees were five members of Argonne Photon Sciences (PSC) and the son of a PSC employee, as well as a team that is entrusted with mechanical maintenance of the APS facility.

Ian McNulty of the X-ray Science Division (XSD) was presented with a 2009 Distinguished Performance Award, which recognizes outstanding scientific or technical achievements or a distinguished record of achievement by select Argonne employees.

Janet B. Anderson, of the APS Engineering Support Division (AES) and Joseph Arko (XSD) were presented with the Outstanding Service Award, the highest honor the university gives to Argonne employees in support positions.

The Argonne National Laboratory Director’s Award for Outstanding Safety Leadership was created in 2008 to recognize Laboratory leaders who, in an exceptional and exemplary way, embody the principles of integrated safety management, contribute to a positive safety culture, demonstrate a commitment to excellence in work place safety, and successfully address critical challenges and vulnerabilities in safety. This year, Rodney E. Gerig (PSC) was a co-recipient of the award with Mike Pellin (Materials Science Division).

The Pinnacle of Education Award, which recognizes employees for their leadership in science through the Division of Educational Programs, was awarded to Deborah E. Reeder Quock of AES.

Christopher Davey, the son of Steven Davey of the AES, earned one of three 2009 University of Chicago undergraduate scholarships.

The FMS Advanced Photon Source Maintenance Mechanics Group.


The Facilities Management and Services Advanced Photon Source Maintenance Mechanics Group was the recipient of the 2009 Argonne National Laboratory Director’s Team Award for Outstanding Safety Performance, which recognizes a team of laboratory employees who embody the principles of integrated safety management and directly contribute to the creation and sustenance of a positive safety culture and a commitment to excellence in work place safety. The team members are Glenn Kailus and Jim Golema, Foremen; Cindy Putty, Safety Coordinator; Lee Atchley; Mark Bateman; Dale Baulac; Derrick Benson; Paul Blickhahn; Robert Brachle; Roger Camacho; David Caldwell; Richard Chlapecka; Dennis Davis; Tom Horka; David Kosicek; Scott Massow; Jim Rohlfing; Al Ryba; Wayne Sampson; David Schikora; Gary Siatka; Joe Smith; Cindy Smithberg; Ed Stoops; Larry Wesley; Eddie Wicklatz; and Glenn Willes.

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