The Advanced Photon Source
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Materials Science Students Shine (at the APS)


From CNAS NewsWatch, an online publication for the alumni and friends of the Missouri State University College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Naveen Dharmagunawardhane, a Missouri State University (MSU) graduate student in materials science, and Joseph Demster, an MSU undergraduate student in physics, participated in x-ray experiments at the [U.S. Department of Energy's] Advanced Photon Source synchrotron facility located at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, Ill. The work was done under the supervision of Dr. Robert Mayanovic, MSU professor of physics, astronomy and materials science. Their research involved investigations of novel materials needed to meet the challenges posed by future energy demands. The Missouri State University researchers are participants in the Center for Energy Frontier Research in Extreme Environments (EFREE), which is a national center funded by the Department of Energy.

Demster, a physics major who anticipates graduating this spring, accompanied Dr. Mayanovic to Argonne in August. In his first semester at Missouri State, Dharmagunawardhane is an international student from Sri Lanka and a graduate assistant. He went with Dr. Mayanovic in October. - Kenneth McCrory

The original MSU College of Natural and Applied Sciences press release can be found here.

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