The Advanced Photon Source
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Australian synchrotron collaborates with Advanced Photon Source

Press Release Number: PR-AS-05-7
Source: Australian Synchrotron
Date issued: August 1, 2005
Contact: Campbel Giles, +61 9651 5799 or +61 0407 972 900,
The Minister for Innovation, John Brumby, today announced Australia’s international synchrotron links would be further strengthened by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on scientific collaboration with the Advanced Photon Source- America’s largest and most powerful synchrotron.

“I am delighted APS and the Australian Synchrotron have signed a pact to exchange ideas and explore new experimental technology for advanced materials science, life science, earth science, environmental science and industrial research,” Mr Brumby said.

“This agreement means Australia now has science links with all of the world’s big three synchrotron facilities and will enable US and Australian scientists to work together to advance synchrotron research techniques and technology.”

Mr Brumby said agreements had recently been signed with Spring-8 in Japan and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, the two other most powerful synchrotrons in the world.

The Director of APS, Dr Murray Gibson, visited Melbourne today to sign the MOU and inspect the Australian Synchrotron site, where installation of the synchrotron machine is rapidly forging ahead.

“My APS colleagues and I are very impressed with the progress of the Australian Synchrotron,” Dr Gibson said.

“Australians are already doing excellent research at overseas synchrotrons, including our facility in Chicago, and your own Australian Synchrotron will expand opportunities for groundbreaking science when it opens in 2007.

“There is an enormous amount of goodwill towards this project in the international synchrotron community, and we at APS are more than happy to make our scientists available to assist.”

Mr Brumby said it was vital for Australian scientists to have access to new synchrotron techniques in order to remain internationally competitive.

“This pact will give them access to US expertise that will establish the Australian Synchrotron as the world leading machine in its class,” he said.

A synchrotron uses beams of light a million times brighter than sunlight to probe the physical structure of materials down to the level of atoms and molecules.

It will enable groundbreaking discoveries that save lives, create new products and develop new industries, bringing significant economic benefits to Victoria and Australia.

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