The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Remote beamline operation with NX web portal

APS has set up a remote access facility for beamline operations. A beamline user can run experiments remotely with this NX web portal.

Information & instructions

The URL to access in a browser. After logging in with your APS user credential, connect to Sector 3 NX server, NRS-HP or LIPKIN for beamline operation; or SEC3PC01 for DAC pressure measurement.

Instead of using a browser, one can download and install NX client locally and use it to connect to and from there go to the above beamline computers.


A couple of points to keep in mind.
1. Access is granted generally around the allocated beamtime only.
2. Chrome is recommended browser to use, Firefox works too.
3. Do not log out from the desktop, just disconnect when you are done, so that the desktop is still alive for others to use.


If you are a first time user of NoMachine, the following documents may help you have a better experience using it. They are on APS Wiki on NX web portal, if you have access to Box.

Remote Access to APS Beamlines using NoMachine Cloud Server

System Requirements

Guide to the NoMachine Menu Panel for Web Sessions


Help & Feedback

Contact beamline staff and Michael Y. Hu for questions and comments.