The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Nuclear Resonant Scattering at APS

NRS research and studies has been conducted at APS since 1996. Currently NRS experiments are regularly performed at 3 beamlines.

Beamlines supporting NRS experiments
Mössbauer isotopes can be studied at APS
  • 57Fe (3-ID, 16-ID)
  • 119Sn (30-ID)
  • 151Eu (3-ID)
  • 161Dy (3-ID)
  • 83Kr (3-ID)
Mössbauer spectroscopy

A conventional Mössbauer spectroscopy lab is also available and ran by Dr. E. Ercan Alp.

A mailing list for NRS users at APS

It is used to broadcast messages to our users occasionally. Please subscribe if you are not on it already.

NRS related conferences and workshops

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