The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Data access through Globus

APS has built a data storage and management system, and provides remote data access through Globus Online.
Here are instructions for using Globus to access beamline data.

To view a listing of files available online

1. go to
2. click 'Log In'
3. follow the prompt, log in with your home institution credential.
If your institution is not listed, you can also login using a google account or ORCID.
4. After log in, you'll be at the File Manager page
5. in the 'Collection' field type in aps#data
6. then you'll be asked to log in to access data with your APS user credential, click 'Continue'.
Access is protected against user badge numbers.
7. you will be redirected to the 'MyProxy Client Authorization' page
8. in the Username field type 'd' followed by your ANL badge number (digits only), e.g., d1234567;
in the Password field type in your APS web/user profile password
9. now you'll be back at the File Manager page
with Collection field showing apd#data and Path: /gdata/
All experiments will be under the "/gdata/dm/<station name>" directory.
10. in the panel below look for and double click 'dm'
11. then look for '3ID' and double click
12. find and double click your experiment
They are grouped under run numbers, e.g., 2020-1 for Jan - Apr 2020 run.
Under each run, it is typically named after PI's last name with yyyymm numerals.

If you highlight an item (a file or directory) and right-click, there is an option to 'Transfer or Sync to...'
To actually do that you will need to download and install an app on your device, called Globus Connect Personal.

To transfer files to your local machine

1. again go to
2. under the drop-down menu 'I Want To...' click 'Enable Globus on my system'
3. you will install the app 'Globus Connect Personal'
find and click on 'Get Globus Connect Personal'
follow the instructions
Basically there are three things you need to do
- think of a name for your local Endpoint/Collection
- copy and keep an 'Setup Key' to be used later to activate your Endpoint/Collection
- download and install
4. run the app to start your Endpoint/Collection
5. now if you do 'Transfer or Sync to...',
it prompts for you to connect to your local endpoint,
type in your endpoint name in the 'Collection' field
6. you can navigate to any sub directory of your local endpoint
If you want, you can config your endpoint to start it in a directory of your choice.
7. in the aps#data part, click 'Start'
8. now look for the file in your local directory

Help & Feedback

More info & illustrations from APS-dm.

Globus has very good support, please contact them for technical issues.

Contact beamline staff and Michael Y. Hu for questions and comments.