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Diamond Light Source/APS Collaboration

The APS plans to issue a Call for MX beam time requests to access the Diamond Light Source.

  • Call opens: Monday, February 6, 2023, at 8:00 am Chicago time
  • Call closes: Sunday, February 19, 2023, at 11:59 pm Chicago time
    • The Call is for Diamond AP33 (Starting end of April 2023).

Under a collaborative arrangement between the APS and the Diamond Light Source (U.K.), APS MX General Users and CATs will have access to a block of beam time on four high-throughput MX beamlines at Diamond (MX at Diamond, I03, I04, I04-1, and I24) during the APS Upgrade installation and beamline commissioning period.

The APS MX Beam time Allocation and Oversight Committee (MX-BAOC) will distribute this block of beam time at Diamond between APS General Users and CATs.

Beam time will be allocated for ONLY:

CAT members may receive time as part of their CAT's allocation from the APS for beamtime at Diamond. Please consult your CAT management.

General Users will apply THROUGH THE APS PROPOSAL PLATFORM for access to beam time at the Diamond Light Source. Below are details to consider when determining if you wish to submit a proposal for this Call. (Future calls will be offered for subsequent runs at Diamond. Check here for updates.)

  • This Call will be only for Rapid Access MX proposals through the APS.
  • Proposals will be submitted to the APS peer review process, and the APS will allocate beam time based on referee ratings.
  • Beamline assignments and scheduling for allocated requests will be managed by Diamond staff based on experimental needs.
  • For proposals that are allocated beam time, the P.I. will be contacted with additional information related to user registration with the Diamond facility, safety documentation needs, and sample shipping.
When creating your proposal in the APS Proposal System:
  • You must select the cycle 2023-1(RAPID ACCESS ONLY) when filling out the beam time request; cycle selection is irrelevant to the process for proposals to Diamond.
  • Choose "Diamond Beamline (I.D.)" as the beamline choice (do not select a 2nd or 3rd choice beamline).
Additional information:

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APS 2023-1 Run

  • The proposal submission deadline for Run 2023-1 was Friday, October 28, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. (Chicago time).
  • For Information on the APS Upgrade, please visit APS-U.
  • Questions: write to or call 630-252-9090.
  • Please note that Chrome is not supported for the on-line proposal system.
More Information
First-time Proposer

You must register as a user and receive a badge number before you can begin a proposal.

Returning Proposer

You may not need to submit a new proposal!

  • Same work
    • Check My APS Portal to find the status of your proposals.
    • If the relevant proposal is listed as "active," you may not need to create a new proposal.
    • Check the "shifts remaining" field on the first page of the proposal to make sure the remaining approved time is adequate.
    • If enough time is available, create a new beam time request from within the existing proposal.
  • New work
    • To change the focus or include new results, submit a completely new proposal. You can copy and edit an existing proposal.



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