The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility


Beamline 4-ID-D uses the EPICS platform for beamline control.  This is a distributed client-server software where seperate server computers (IOCs) are used to control and monitor different portions of the beamline, and a separate client computer is used for data aquisition and display information. The client computer controls the other IOCs via the local ethernet network.  The EPICS client "MEDM" is used for graphically displaying information about the beamline. The command line driven program SPEC is used for scanning adn other data acquisition fruncitons. More information on each of these is found below.

Starting up the data aqusition software
Data analysis tools

Scans from SPEC data files can be displayed at the beamline using several different plotting packates

  • Cplot - Command line tool distributed with SPEC
  • Newplot - ESRF Graphical scan display tool (depreciated)
  • pyMCA - ESRF graphical scan display tool(available on LINUX/Windows beamline compuers only)
  • Xplot - Part of XOP x-ray analysis package (IDL based)