The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Detector Pool

Detector Pool Pilatus SetupThe Detector Pool (DP) provides many different types of x-ray detectors to beamline scientists at the Advanced Photon Source. These detectors are made available for short term loans (typically several days to a week or two, but this is flexible). The DP also coordinates loans between sectors, helps sectors repair equipment, and coordinates group purchases. Depending on budgets, we purchase new equipment, based largely on suggestions from the beamline scientists. Funding for new detectors and the Detector Pool support comes from APS operating funds.

Requests for detectors are submitted by beamline scientists at the sectors on behalf of general users. General Users are free to contact us regarding detector capabilities and other questions.

Detector Pool staff can be contacted during normal work hours / run period Monday-Friday at 2-9490 or for general questions

Detector Pool documentation can be found here: Detector Pool Box Folder (Requires ANL domain account)

The Detector Pool Feedback Form can be found here: Feedback


Submit a Detector Pool Request

If you have never requested a detector before, please contact to have your name added to the database.