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WK1 APS: Resolution at speed: Advanced X-ray Spectroscopies with Upgraded APS (APS_U)
WK2 APS: Workshop on Past, Present, and Future of Insertion Devices at the APS: A Tribute to Efim Gluskin, Emil Trakhtenberg, and Isaac Vasserman
WK3 CNM: Next-generation Quantum Systems Based on Topological Phases and Integrated Quantum Photonics
WK4 APS: Frontiers of Materials Research with Single-crystal Total Scattering
WK5 APS/CNM: In Situ Rheology, SAXS, and XPCS for the Study of Soft Matter
WK6 CNM: Tribology of 2D Materials: From Nanoscale to Macroscale
WK7 APS: High-resolution 3D X-ray Imaging
WK8 APS/CNM: Tipping X-ray - Comprehensive Nanoscale Characterization with Multimodal X-ray Imaging
WK9 CNM: Nanoscience for Quantum Science: Developing, Characterizing, and Harnessing Optically Active Defects
WK10 APS: Applications of Synchrotron X-ray Techniques for Studying Metal Additive Manufacturing
WKS: User Workshop for Micromanipulator Use in Diamond Anvil Cell Loading and Other Applications (satellite workshop)

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