The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

ESAF Instructions

The experimental safety assessment form (ESAF) purpose is to identify the hazards associated to your experiment.

It must be submitted at least 2 weeks before your experiment.

  • Any samples or equipment that you are considering bringing to the laboratory must be included, even if you are not 100% sure to use/bring them.
  • Note that samples exposed to neutron beams, regardless of isotope content and activity, are treated by APS as radioactive and therefore require to meet special shipping/encapsulation guidelines.

All experimenters coming to Argonne must be listed as such on the ESAF, whether they actively participate ("On-site") or not ("Observer").
Those who aren't coming must be listed as "Off-site/Co-proposer”.


In the “Description” Tab, briefly describe your experiment (no science details needed) and include the following statement(s) if relevant to your experiment:

          "After loading samples in the chamber, we will perform an in-vacuum annealing at (specify your temperature here - max T = 800C)."

          "Liquid nitrogen or liquid helium may be used for measurements at cryogenic temperatures; appropriate PPE will be used for handling cryogenic equipment (cryo gloves, face shield, safety glasses, cryo apron)."

If you are planning to come a day early to prepare and load samples, please change the starting date accordingly.

Experiment Set-Up

Describe any change to the current beamline set-up your experiment might require (e.g. vacuum suitcase) . If you are not bringing equipment and you are not requesting any change to the beamline set-up, please indicate: 

          "Regular scattering/ARPES experiment setup. No hazardous activities besides XXX (e.g. cryogenic)."


List all the materials you are potentially bringing, whether they are listed in the proposal or not (e.g. back-up samples).
Make sure to review all the questions below the material information table, and check “Yes” in the appropriate boxes.

If you will be mounting your samples at the beamline, reply "yes" to the question:

          "Will you require to use ​​beamline laboratory facilities to prepare samples or perform other work"

This will enable the "Lab Use" tab.


The following equipment are currently available at the beamline and should be checked if required for your experiment:

  • Cryogenics
  • Heater (hot plate for curing and/or ARPES in-vacuum annealing)

Any other equipment you are bringing, such as vacuum suitcases, must be listed appropriately and might require safety inspection by an certified APS technician. 

Lab Use

Please include the following statement (to be modified as needed):

          "We will use the Sector 29 laminar flow room ("clean room") to prepare samples. Samples will be handled with gloves and tweezers. In addition, this work may involve UHV cleaning with incidental quantities of ethanol and acetone. Sample will be mounted to the sample holders using carbon tape, silver epoxy, silver paste or Torr Seal; the Sector 29 hot plate may be used for curing. Alternatively, samples will be secured to the sample plate by spot-welding Ta clips."

There are no chemical fume hood or glove box available at the beamline. If you need one to prepare your sample, please contact beamline staff at least 3 weeks ahead of your experiment so we can arrange with another sector.