The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition Software

BCDA Software Resources

The following list represents the Beamline support software pages maintained by the BCDA Group.

  • synApps: Beamline-control and Data-acquisition componets for EPICS
    • autosave: Support for saving PV values through an ioc reboot
    • calc: Device for run-time expression evaluation, and other calculations
    • ebrick: EPICS Brick (end of life)
    • ip: Device support and databases for some serial IndustryPack devices
    • love: Love serial digital controllers
    • motor: Motor support
    • optics: Support for x-ray optics
    • sscan: Support for moving positioners, triggering detectors, acquiring and storing data
    • std: Miscellaneous support
    • vme: Device support and databases for some VME devices
    • xxx: Sample user application, which builds, loads, and runs software from all synApps modules.
  • SPEC: Collection of SPEC macros distributed by BCDA
  • Data Acquisition: CCD Support
  • Data Visualization: tools used at the APS beamlines
  • caQtDM: EPICS GUI client 
  • Bluesky: Python based data acquisition system (under evaluation


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