The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Electrical Safety Committee (ESC)


The APS Electrical Safety Committee is an internal review committee that advises APS management on all issues related to electrical safety within the APS.

The committee shall work to increase the level of electrical safety and electrical safety awareness within the APS. The committee shall implement policies and practices adopted by the ANL Electrical Safety Committee and shall assist the ANL ESC as called upon by its chair.

The Committee Chair will define the membership for review of matters brought to his attention.


The APS ESC consists of a chairperson and committee members with significant involvement in electrical work. The PSC Associate Laboratory Director, acting as APS Director and through the PSC ESH/QA Coordinator, appoints the ESC chairperson and approves its membership and charter.

Kenneth Belcher, Chair APS AES
George Doktorczyk APS AES
Charles Doose APS ASD
Kurt Goetze APS AES
Albert Hillman APS ASD
Doug Horan APS ASD
Glenn Kailus FMS
Edmund Chang APS ASD
Greg Markovich APS AES
Michael Pape APS XSD
Claybourne White APS AES
  • To advise APS management on APS and/or facility specific implementation of the ANL Electrical Safety Program (ESP).
  • To provide support to the APS ESH personnel in assessing compliance with ANL requirements.
  • To recommend safety measures and remedial action for eliminating or reducing electrical hazards.
  • To advise APS management of training for committee members to enable them to perform their duties.
  • Upon request, to review electrical safety aspects of proposed major facility changes, electrical installations, operation, and maintenance procedures for compliance with ANL ES&H requirements, and to participate in building safety inspections.
  • To take direction from policies and interpretations adopted by the ANL Electrical Safety Committee.
Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will be held upon request or at least once a year.

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