The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

LOMs & Beamlines

In designing the experiment hall, the APS benefited from the experiences of researchers who had carried out experiments at other synchrotron facilities. One lesson learned was the need for adequate user laboratory and office space. The APS User Organization opted for laboratory/office modules (or LOMs) and were clear in their desire that the modules be located as close as possible to beamlines. As shown in the diagram below, LOMs are adjacent to the experiment hall, a short walk from each beamline.
User beamlines comprise crystal and/or mirror optics designed to tailor the electron beam for specific types of experiments. These optics select out about one part per million from the energies (or wavelengths) that are carried by the insertion device beam and pass that energy down the beamline to a lead, radiation-proof experiment station that contains the sample under investigation; additional optics that may be needed to analyze and characterize the scattering, absorption, or imaging process; and detectors to collect data from the interaction of x-ray beam and sample.
This concludes your introduction to the APS! For information about becoming a user and obtaining x-ray beam time at the APS, start here.