The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Radiation Safety Policy and Procedures Committee (RSPPC)


The committee reviews functional changes to the Access Control Interlock System (ACIS) and Personnel Protection System (PSS) used to provide personnel protection and area exclusion related to APS accelerators, storage ring and other radiation handling areas. The RSPP Committee advises APS management on radiation safety matters. At the request of APS Management the committee reviews projects, recommends radiation safety policy, and evaluates accident investigation conclusions.


Members are appointed by the APS Division Directors and APS Director for their knowledge and background in Interlock Systems, Radiation Safety, Accelerator Operations and Work on the Experiment Floor.

Current members are:

J. Lang Chair
J. Dooling ASD
R. Flood ASD
M. Knott AES
S. Pasky ASD
K. Schroeder ASD
G. Pile AES
M. Ramanathan AES
J. Vacca ESQ
W. VanWingeren AES

The Committee Chair will provide the APS ESH/QA Representative with meeting minutes and apprise him of ESH issues and concerns raised by the committee or otherwise brought to the attention of the chairperson.Meeting minutes and associated documentation are entered into ICMS.

The Committee will:

  • Act as an advisory group to APS management on radiation safety matters.
  • Review new APS facility designs and experiments, which are brought to their attention, for compliance with radiation safety policy.
  • Recommend changes in existing radiation safety policy and recommend new policies.
  • Review accident investigation reports involving radiation, as requested by the investigation committee chairman and APS Management.
  • Evaluate and comment on plans to protect personnel from radiation during emergencies and during normal beam operation.
  • Keep informed of current radiation information and ensure that those concerned are informed of Committee plans and activities.
Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will be held at least once every twelve months.