The Advanced Photon Source
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Previous Speakers

Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
Aug. 29-Oct.3 Suspended for September shutdown
8/22/14 Yu Gan Univ. of Illinois - UC   Screening and the effective fine-structure constant of graphene
8/22/14 Jason Benedict University at Buffalo   Linkers to Lattice: Photo-induced structural reorganization in diarylethene-based metal-organic frameworks
8/15/14 Sae Hwan Chun ANL-MSD   Static and dynamic magnetoelectric effects in multiferroic hexaferrites
8/15/14 Beatriz Moreno Canadian Light Source   X-ray diffraction techniques applied to europium chalcogenide magnetic nanostructures
8/8/14 Kathleen D. Cao Univ. of Chicago   Cholesterol Effects on the Lateral Ordering, Structure and Activity of Phosphatidylethanolamine Monolayers
7/25/14 Alexander Britz Univ. of Hamburg & European XFEL   Tracking chemical dynamics with X-ray spectroscopies-Part-1
7/25/14 Tadesse Assefa Univ. of Hamburg & European XFEL   Tracking chemical dynamics with X-ray spectroscopies-Part-2
7/18/14 Matthew Noerpel Ohio State Univ.   Lead Coordination to Hematite in the Presence of Organic Acids
7/18/14 Bing Yang ANL-MSD   In-situ characterization of Co1-xPtx bimetallic clusters for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
7/11/14 Sanja Tepavcevic ANL-CNM   Nanostructured Layered Cathode for Rechargeable Mg-ion Batteries
7/11/14 Namhey Lee Lawrence Berkley National Lab   Nucleation of magnesium carbonate on the (100) quartz surface usingin situ GISAXS
7/3/14 canceled 4th of July Holiday
6/27/14 Paul Fenter ANL-CSE   Structural Origins of Potential Dependent Hysteresis at the Electrified Graphene/Ionic Liquid Interface
6/27/14 Prof. Johan van Lierop Univ. of Manitoba 4-ID-C Curious Interplay Between Core and Shell Transition metal Oxide Nanoparticles
6/20/14 Joerg Schwenke Univ. College Londond 34-ID-C Hard X-ray diffractive imaging of human cell nuclei
6/13/14 Don Brown Los Alamos NL 1-ID Stability of the two phase (alpha/omega) microstructure of shocked Zr
6/13/14 Benjamin Stripe APS-XSD-MIC 26-ID Solid State Dynamics in Lead Free Solder at the Single Domain Level:an In-Situ X-ray Full field Imaging, Fluorescence Microscopy and Computed Tomography Study
6/6/14 Joseph Jakes Forest Products Lab - USDA   APS Research for the Acceleration of Forest Restoration
6/6/14 Beth Tomaszewski University of Wisconsin-Madison   The Formation of Metastable Iron Phases During AbioticRedox Oscillations
May/14 Suspended for May shutdown/Users Meeting
4/18/14 Claire Weekley University of Adelaide   The Application of XAS and XFM to the Problem of Selenium Speciation in Biological Systems
4/11/14 Dr. Florian Fusseis University of Edinburgh   4D study of fluid rock interaction and dynamic transport properties in rocks - challenges and chances
4/4/14 Aashish Sapkota Iowa State University XSD-6-ID Magnetism and Structure in Fe-based High-Temperature Superconductors - A Neutron and X-ray Scattering Study of Ca10(Fe1.996Pt0.004As2)5(Pt3As8)
4/4/14 Matthew Glazer Northwestern University   In operando Strain Measurement in Nanostructured Li-ion Battery Materials using X-ray Diffraction
3/21/14 Olaf Borkiewicz XSD-SRS XSD-11-ID In-situ Studies of Batteries
3/21/14 Jonathan Hanson Brookhaven NL   In-situ Studies of Catalysts
3/14/14 Reeju Pokharel Los Alamos National Laboratory XSD-1-ID In situ Observation of Bulk 3D Grain Evolution During Plastic Deformation in Polycrystalline Cu
3/14/14 Dong Li Carnegie Mellon University   The structure of viral genome: Physical mechanism of viral replication
3/7/14 Prof. Michael Sangid Purdue University XSD-1-ID Role of Microstructure in Predicting Fatigue Performance
2/28/14 Andrew Swantek Argonne   Measurements of Diesel Spray Droplet Size with Ultra-Small Angle X-Ray Scattering
2/28/14 Sambhunath Bera University of California-San Diego   Highly resolved structure of a floating lipid bilayer: Effect of Ca2+ ions and temperature
2/21/14 Joseph Kao University of California-Berkeley   Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Nanocomposite in Thin Film: Thermodynamics and Kinetics
2/21/14 Matt DeCamp University of Delaware XSD-7-ID id="OLK_SRC_BODY_SECTION">Time-resolved x-ray diffraction of a transient superlattice
2/14/14 Qing’an Li ANL-MSD   Emergent transport properties in strong correlated electron system and X-ray probe
2/14/14 Soongu Kwon ANL-CNM   In situ study on the colloidal synthesis of nanocrystals using X-ray scattering and X-ray absorption spectroscopy
2/7/14 Qi Liu Purdue University   Rate-dependent, Li ion insertion/deinsertion behaviour of LiFePO4 cathodes in commercial 18650 LiFePO4 cells
2/7/14 Liane Moreau Northwestern University   The Role of Ag in the Underpotential Deposition-Based Synthesis of Au Nanorods
Jan-2014 Suspended - Beam Shutdown
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
Dec./13 Lab Shutdown
12/13/13 Rong Huang Cornell University   Applications of CHESS single-bouce capillaries at synchrotron beam lines
12/13/13 Michael Mara Northwestern University   Characterizing the Excited-State Structural Properties of Transition Metal Complexes Using X-ray Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
12/6/13 Richard Rosenberg ANL-XSD-MM 4-ID-C Kinetic energy dependence of spin filtering of electrons transmitted through organized layers of DNA
12/6/13 Michael Rogers McGill University   Microstructural evolution of materials under shear
11/22/13 Dr. Holger Meyerheim Max-Plank Institut-Halle   Structure and Magnetism of the BaTiO3(001)-(2x1) surface
11/22/13 Dr. Bo Chen University College London   Three-Dimensional structure investigation and analysis of a barrier anticorrosive marine coating by ptychographic x-ray tomography
11/15/13 Andrew Stack Oak Ridge National Laboratory   Mechanisms and Rates of Reaction for Crystallization from the Atomic to Macroscopic Scales: Simulation, Theory and Experiment.
11/15/13 Prof. Gerald Seidler Univ. of Washington 20-ID Laboratory-based XES and XANES made Cheap and Easy
11/8/13 Dr. Narcizo M. Souza-Neto LNLS Brazil   Status of the MBA Lattice Brazilian Source and Beam Lines
11/8/13 Prof. J. Kent Blasie Univ. of Pennsylvania 9-ID Direct Evidence of Conformational Changes Associated with Voltage-Gating in a Voltage Sensor Protein by Time-Resolved X-ray Interferometry
11/1/13 Yang Ding & Cheng-Chien Chen ANL-XSD   Novel high-pressure monoclinic metallic phase of V2O3
11/1/13 Stephen LaLumondiere Aerospace Corporation   Using APS to Characterize Single Event Effects and Radiation Effects in Microelectronic Devices
10/18/13 Diego Casa ANL-XSD-IXN 9-ID Resonant Inelastic Scattering (RIXS) Program at APS: Overview, Recent developments and Planned Upgrades
10/18/13 Hugo Henrique Slepicka LNLS Brazil   Remote beamline control at LNLS
10/11/13 Gilberto Fabbris XSD-MM & Washington Univ. 4-ID-D Local structure, stripe pinning, and superconductivity in La1.875Ba0.125CuO4 at high pressure
10/11/13 Seohyoung Chang ANL-MSD   Exploring stability in epitaxial complex oxide thin films under electrocatalytic conditions using in-situ x-ray studies
Aug./Sept. 2013 Suspended for Sept. shutdown
7/26/13 Mariana Bertoni Arizona State Univ.   In-Situ XRF studies of performance limiting defects in solar cell materials
7/26/13 Prof. Robert Suter Carnegie Mellon University 1-ID High Energy X-ray Diffraction Microscopy (HEDM): Example Application and Current Developments at 1-ID
7/19/13 Nicolas Burdet Univ. College London 34-ID Coherent Diffraction and Ptychography
7/19/13 Shashidhara Marathe ANL-XSD-OPT 1-BM Application of x-ray grating interferometry for beam coherence measurement and phase contrast imaging
7/12/13 Eugene Lavely & Yi-Sain Lai BAE Systems 2-BM XRF and Transmission tomography for Integrated Circuits
7/12/13 Yubin Zhang Technical University of Denmark 1-ID 3D boundary migration during annealing of pure aluminum
6/28/13 Dr. John Daniel Univ. of New South Wales   Multi-length-scale scattering studies of actuation mechanisms in (1-x)Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-(x)BaTiO3 electro-ceramics
6/28/13 Prof. Waltraud Kriven Univ. of Illinois-UC   In situ Studies of Phase Transformations and 3D Thermal Expansions in Ceramics to 2,000°C in Air
6/21/13 Tim Cullinan Iowa State Univ./Ames Lab   Phase selection and microstructural dynamics in Cu50Zr50
6/14/13 David Montgomery Los Alamos National Laboratory 32-ID X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging for Inertial Confinement Fusion and Material Dynamics
May 2013 Suspended for May shutdown/Users Meeting
4/12/13 Dr. Dimitris Priftis Univ. of Chicago   Complex Coacervation as a Platform for 'Soft' Material Design
4/12/13 Dr. Chenhui Zhu ANL-MSD 34-ID Lensless Imaging of Atomic Surface Structures via Ptychography
4/12/13 Dr. Hyo Seon Suh Univ. of Chicago 8-ID Topcoat Approaches for Directed-Assembly of Copolymer Films with Blocks Exhibiting Differences in Surface Energy
4/12/13 Dr. Yanjie Cui ANL-CSE 9-BM & 20-ID Performance Improvement and (De)Lithiation Mechanism Study of Selenium Based Lithium Batteries
4/5/13 Prof. You-Yeon Won Purdue University   Formation and Collapse of Single-Monomer-Thick Monolayers of Insoluble Polymers at the Air-Water Interface: Mechanisms and Applications
4/5/13 Ferhat Katmis MIT 33-ID What Limits Mobility and Carrier Concentration in Epitaxial Bi2Se3 Topological Insulator Films?
3/22/13 Edith Perret ANL-MSD   n-situ x-ray studies of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ  thin films under applied electrochemical potential
3/22/13 Richard Rosenberg ANL-XSD-MM 4-ID-C Kinetic energy dependence of spin filtering of electrons transmitted through organized layers of DNA
Jan-2013 Canceled - President Obama Visit
3/8/13 Dr. Jun Hyuk Lee ANL-XSD-SSM 33-ID In situ Surface X-ray Diffraction Study of Ruddlesden-Popper Series Thin Film Growth
3/8/13 Prof. Xianglin Ke Mich. State Univ. 4-ID Emergent ground state in Ti-doped bilayer ruthenates
3/1/13 Dr. Jian Liu Univ. Calif. - Berkeley 4-ID & 6-ID Heterostructuring Spin-Orbit Mott Oxides
3/1/13 Prof. Heather Jamieson >Queen's University Kingston, Ontario 13-BM Environmental mobility of As and Sb: Practical conclusions from synchrotron micro-analysis
2/22/13 Xianghui Xiao ANL-XSD-IMG 2-BM X-ray fast tomography and its applications in dynamical phenomena studies in geoscience at the APS
2/22/13 Patrick Clancy Univeristy of Toronto 6-ID & 30-ID Magnetic Order and Excitations in Rh-doped Sr2IrO4 Probed with Resonant X-ray Scattering
Jan-2013 Suspended - Beam Shutdown
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
Dec./12 Lab Shutdown
12/14/12 Chad Folkman ANL-MSD   In-operando catalysis and X-ray diffraction from complex epitaxial oxide thin films
12/14/12 Ben Ocko Brookhaven National Lab   Grazing-incidence transmission small-angle x-ray scattering (GTXSAXS)
11/30/12 Dr. Robert Colvin Ohio University   Exploring the zinc metallome of cultured cortical neurons using synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence microscopy
11/30/12 Dr. Florian Fusseis Ruhr-Universitat Bochum   Time-dependent transport properties of rocks studied with Synchrotron-based fast tomography and x-ray transparent environments
11/23/12 canceled Thanksgiving
11/16/12 Hanna Leemreize University of Aarhus   Diffraction Tomography of Biological Systems
11/16/12 Mengqiang Zhu Lawrence Berkely National Lab   Ferrihydrite Formation from Molecular Clusters to Particles Under Acidic Conditions: Evolution of Chemical Species
11/9/12 Byung Mook Weon Pohang University   X-ray imaging for soft matter research
11/9/12 Maisoon Al-Jawad Queen Mary University of London   Synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction studies of Dental Enamel Biomineralization
11/2/12 Shengnian Luo Los Alamos National Lab 32-ID Multiframe synchrotron X-ray imaging of shock response at 100 nanosecond/100 microsecond timescales: Gas gun and Kolsky bar experiments at 32ID-B
11/2/12 Han Wen NIH/NHLBI   A two-grating hard x-ray interferometer at 204 nm grating period
10/26/12 Leyun Wang ANL   In-situ thermo-mechanical studies of high-strength steel using simultaneous SAXS/WAXS
10/26/12 Bin Chen University of Michigan   Magneto-elastic coupling in Fe7C3 at high pressures: carbon in Earth's inner core
10/19/12 Dr. Patrick La Riviere University of Chicago   Virtual x-ray histology using multiple metal stains and multi-energy microCT
10/19/12 Dr. Stephen Baines Stony Brook University   Single cell analyses and the future of marine biogeochemistry
10/12/12 Marc Allaire     Structural Biology to the Power of Synchrotron for New Medicines
Sept./12 Suspended for September shutdown
8/17/12 Dipanwita Ray ANL-XSD   Study of Interatomic Coulombic Decay (ICD) in XeF2 and IBr following K-shell photoionization
8/17/12 Prof. Stephen Durbin Purdue University 7-ID X-ray and optical photon interactions in GaAs
8/3-10/12 canceled APS-U reviews
7/27/12 Bing Li Carnegie Inst.   Some metal hydrides under high pressur
7/27/12 Jason Croy ANL-CSE   Challenges of Composite, High-Capacity, Li-Ion Cathode
7/20/12 canceled APS-U reviews
7/13/12 Stuart Calder Oak Ridge National Lab 6-ID A Magnetically driven metal insulator transition in NaOsO3
7/13/12 Donald Brown Los Alamos National Lab 1-ID Microstructural characterization of activated materials with neutrons and x-ray scattering techniques
7/5/12 canceled 4th of July
6/29/12 David Gidalevitz Illinois Institute of Technology 18-ID Driving Biological Membrane Curvature
6/29/12 Andrey A. Yakovenko Texas A&M 11-ID Study of Metal-Organic Frameworks by X-ray Powder Diffraction: Analysis of Structure Envelope Difference Density
6/22/12 Kevin McPeak ETH Zurich   A Route to Ultrasmooth Nanostructured Metal Films for Advanced Photon Management in Photovoltaics
6/22/12 Daniel Duke Monash University   Cavitation and Spray Measurements using Synchrotron X-Rays
6/15/12 Dr. Eugene Lavely BAE Systems   Toward 3D XRF and Multi-Modal Inversion for Microchip Structure
6/15/12 Prof. Ganga M. Hettiarachchi Kansas State University   Understanding the Behavior of Nutrient Elements in Soils Using Synchrotron-based Techniques
6/8/12 Ben Stripe Northwestern University   Calcium Carbonate Growth at Organic Templates
6/8/12 Qiang Zhang Ames Laboratory 6-ID-B Cerium-Iron Magnetic Coupling in Single Crystal CeFeAsO at Low Temperatures
6/1/12 Fuxiang Zhang University of Michigan   Extreme environmental team at University of Michigan
May/12 Suspended for May shutdown/Users Meeting
4/20/12 lang="EN-GB" xml:lang="EN-GB">Guangming Luo ANL-CSE   Trivalent ion at water/vapor interface studied with X-ray reflectivity
4/20/12 Juan Wang Univeristy of Utah   Characterization of Catalysts in Solution and in Flames by Small Angle (SAXS) and High Energy, Wide Angle X-ray Scattering lang="EN-GB" xml:lang="EN-GB"> (PDF)
4/13/12 Daniele de Sanctis ESRF   ID29 in the ESRF Structural Biology beamlines upgrade
4/13/12 Xianyang Fang National Cancer Institute   The topology of the HIV-1 Rev response element, a molecular beacon for specificity and cooperativity of Rev binding revealed by small-angle X-ray scattering
4/6/12 E. Kathryn Barto Freie Universität Berlin   Visualizing soil aggregate turnover with rare earths
4/6/12 Isaac Peterson University of Melbourne   Bragg CXDI analysis of stacking faults in highly strained GaP Nanowires
3/30/12 Wonsuk Cha Sogang University   Internal Deformation Field Distribution in Zeolites Induced by Residual Impurity
3/30/12 Ye Yuan Northwestern University 21-ID Investigations of receptor mediated uptake of nanocomposites with the Bionanoprobe
3/23/12 canceled
3/16/12 Alexander Rack     Phase-sensitive full-field X-ray imaging at APS using a bending magnet sourc
3/16/12 Armand Beaudoin     Developing Insight into the Performance Al-Li Alloys for Aerospace Application through High Energy Diffraction Microscopy
3/9/12 Lifen Yan Univ. Calif. - Davis   Photolysis Study of CO-Nitrogenase by FT-IR and Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS)
3/9/12 Yejun Feng ANL-XSD-MM 4-ID Incommensurate antiferromagnetic order in GdSi
3/2/12 Leyun Wang ANL-NE   Study of geometrically necessary dislocations by depth-resolved 3D X-ray microdiffraction and crystal plasticity modeling
3/2/12 Di-Jia Liu ANL-CSE   Design and Characterization of Low Cost Electrode Catalysts for Fuel Cell & Li-Air Battery Applications
2/24/12 canceled
2/17/12 Ying Liu Stony Brook University   Electrospinning of Semicrystalline Polymer/Clay Nanocomposite Fibers
2/10/12 Drew Latta ANL-BIO   Spectroscopic and isotope tracer studies of U and Fe redox cycling.
2/10/12 Gregory Freihofer Univerisity of Central Florida   Developing piezospectropic sensory systems in adhesives and coatings with alumina nanoparticles.
2/3/12 Tao Sun ANL-XSD-TRR 8-ID Coherent x-ray surface scattering imaging near total external reflection.
2/3/12 Bernhard Adams ANL-XSD-TRR 7-ID Advanced Detector Developement
Jan-2012 Suspended - Beam Shutdown
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/30/11 Lab Shutdown
12/23/11 Lab Shutdown
12/16/11 Yan Qin ANL-CSE   In-situ High Energy X-ray Probe for R&D of Advanced Battery Material
12/16/11 Matthew Brewer Univ. of Warwick 4-ID-D Resonant x-ray studies of induced moments in magnetic quantum-wells
12/9/11 Manuel Gonzalez-Guerrero Universidad Politécnica de Madrid   Metal transport in the plant-microbe interface
12/9/11 Chengjun Sun ANL-XSD-SPC 20-ID Charge transfer in high magnetic moment Fe16N2 thin films
12/2/11 Narayana Appathurai ANL-XSD-MM   Probing the organic-mineral interface in model biomineral using X-PEEM
12/2/11 Prof. Arthur T. Motta Penn. State Univ. 1-ID & 34-ID Hydride precipitation and reorientation behavior in Zr alloy nuclear fFuel cladding
11/25/11 Canceled -Thanksgiving
11/18/11 Kee-Chul Chang ANL-MSD 12-ID In-situ x-ray studies of model solid oxide fuel cell cathodes
11/11/11 Prof. Yulia Pushar Purdue University 20-ID Analysis of intermediates in catalytic water oxidation by X-ray absorption spectroscopy and EPR
11/11/11 Dr. Wojciech Tabis University of Minnesota 4-ID & 6-ID The complex ordering processes at the Verwey transition of magnetite observed with resonant x-ray diffraction
11/4/11 Prof. Tom Bieler Michigan State University 1-ID & 6-ID Solidification, thermal contraction, strain evolution, and continuous recrystallization in lead free solder joints as measured by in-situ synchrotron x-rays
11/4/11 Prof. David Ries Stanford University 7-ID & 20-ID Towards atomic-scale imaging of Peltier cooling and Joule Heating
10/28/11 Mark Dean Brookhaven National Laboratory 9-ID Spin excitations in a single La2CuO4 layer measured by Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
10/28/11 Dongzhou Zhang Cal Tech. 3-ID Nuclear Resonant Scattering Studies of (Mg,Fe)SiO3 enstatite at High-Pressure
10/21/11 Hlynur Gretarsson University of Toronto 9-ID Revealing the dual nature of magnetism in iron pnictides and iron chalcogenides using x-ray emission spectroscopy
10/21/11 Frank Weber Karlsruher Institut für Technologie 30-ID Direct observation of the superconducting gap in phonon spectra
10/14/11 Zhenxin Zhong XSD-TRR 8-ID High resolution TEM imaging of electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibe
10/14/11 Stuart Stock Northwestern University 32-ID X-ray Fluorescence and Diffraction Mapping of Dentin at 200 nm
10/7/11 Prof. Hironobu Ueki Nagasaki University 7-BM Evaluation of Mass Flow Rate Distribution in Diesel Fuel Spray by L2F
10/7/11 Byeongdu Lee XSD-CMS 12-ID Scattering studies on colloidal particles and their assemblies
9/30/11 Kristoffer Haldrup ANL-CSE   Tracking Chemical Reactions in Solution by Time-Resolved X-ray Methods
9/23/11 Canceled - CD-1 Pizza Lunch
9/16/11 Jesse Ward ANL-XSD-MIC   Development of New Agents for Detection of Colon Cancer Using MRI and XRF Microscopy
9/9/11 Canceled
9/2/11 Canceled - Labor Day
8/26/11 Canceled
8/19/11 Narcizo M. Souza-Neto

Brazilian Synchrotron

4-ID-D Reentrant pressure-induced electronic transition in Europium compounds
8/19/11 Rod La Foy Virginia Tech 2-BM Three-dimensional Velocity Field Measurements Using Stereo X-Ray Imaging
8/12/11 John Okasinski ANL-XSD-MPE 1-BM In Situ X-ray Diffraction from Lithium-Ion Batteries
8/12/11 Jesse Paris Oregon State University 2-BM Wood-Composite Performance Modeling: The Role of Micro X-Ray Tomography
8/5/11 Joshua Wittenberg Stanford University   Time Resolved Phase Transformations in Nanomaterials
8/5/11 John Curry NIST 1-ID Vapor Pressure Measurements for Energy-Efficient Lighting
7/29/11 Canceled
7/22/11 Yugang Sun ANL-CNM   In-situ monitoring nanophase evolution at liquid/solid interface and in solution
7/22/11 Branton Campbell Brigham Young University 11-BM Solving distorted structures with symmetry modes
7/15/11 Andrew Stickrath ANL-CSE   Ultrafast solution phase XAFS of Myoglobin
7/15/11 Ruobing Xie ANL-XSD   Structural ordering in amorphous silicon made by ion implantation via small angle scattering.
7/8/11 Alan Kastengren ANL-ES 7-BM Time-Resolved Spray Diagnostics at the APS
7/8/11 Phay Ho ANL-XSD-AMO 7-ID X-ray studies with laser-aligned molecules
7/1/11 Yongfeng Hu Canadian Light Source   The Soft X-ray Micro-characterization Beamline (SXRMB) at the Canadian Light Source
7/1/11 Dongbin Xu Singapore University   Investigation of lattice dynamics and nanoscale thermal transport in FePt/Ag heat assisted magnetic recording media films using psec time resolved x-ray diffraction
6/24/11 Dogan Paktunc CANMET Sciences Laboratories   Arsenic mobilization from mine tailings under reducing conditions
6/24/11 Sang-Wook Han Chonbuk National University   The growth and structural properties of ZnO nanorods studied by polarization-dependent EXAFS"
6/17/11 Martin McBriarty Northwestern University   Characterization of Oxide-Supported Catalysts by In Situ XSW Imaging
6/17/11 Xiaowen Shi     Studies of highly strained Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) and Strained-Silicon-On-Insulator (SSOI) nano and microstructures by Coherent X-ray diffractive imaging, theory and experiments
6/10/11 June Hyuk Lee ANL-XSD-SIS   Creating a Strong Ferroelectric Ferromagnet via Spin-Lattice Coupling
6/10/11 Gyula Eres Oak Ridge National Lab 33-ID Probing the Mysteries of Pulsed Laser Deposition by Time-Resolved Surface X-ray Diffraction
6/3/11 Jacob Ruff ANL-XSD-MM 4-ID-D & 6-ID Distribution and dynamics of twins in orthorhombic Ba[Fe(1-x)Co(x)]2As2 in pulsed magnetic fields
6/3/11 Yongsheng Pan ANL-XSD-IMG 2-BM Iterative tomographic reconstruction using GPU for synchrotron radiation
5/27/11 Canceled
5/20/11 Canceled - Lehmann Review
5/13/11 Canceled
5/6/11 Canceled - APS User's Meeting
4/29/11 Canceled - APS User's Meeting
4/22/11 Ziyang Su Purdue University   Pharmaceutical liquid crystals: the properties of partially ordered systems
4/22/11 Trudy Bolin ANL-XSD   Using S-XANES to track thermal transformations of metal sulfides in Argonne Premium Coals
4/15/11 Akihiko Minato Isuzu Advanced Engineering Center   Ultrahigh-pressure diesel injection and engine management
4/15/11 Michael Kent Sandia National Laboratory   Oligomerization of membrane-bound diphtheria toxin (CRM197) facilitates a transition to open form and deep insertion
4/10/11 Tao Li ANL-XSD-IMG   Biological Nanoparticles as Scaffolds for Nanomaterials Development
4/10/11 Elena Timofeeva ANL-ES   Electrodeposition Assisted X-ray Lithography: A Single Step Approach
4/1/11 Ann Marie March ANL-XSD-AMO 7-ID Capturing Ultrafast Dynamics of Molecules with XAS, XES, and XRD Using ALL the APS X-ray Flux
4/1/11 Paul Podsiadlo CNM   Nanoparticles and their periodic assemblies: structural insights from X-ray studies
3/25/09 Raffaella Torchio ESRF & ROMA TRE University 4-ID-D Structure and Magnetism in compressed 3d metals
3/25/11 Claire Weekley University of Adelaide 2-ID Investigating the fate of dietary selenium compounds: XRF and XAS studies
3/18/11 Ken Kemner ANL 10-ID Redox Transformations of Uranium Near the Mineral-Microbe Interface Microenvironment
3/18/11 Daniel Farber University of California, Santa Cruz   High resoution inelastic x-ray scattering from materials at extreme conditions: New results from d- and f- electron systems
3/11/11 Tianheng Han MIT 30-ID The Search for Spin Liquids: Synthesis, Characterization and Neutron Scattering of Kagome Single Crystals
3/11/11 Wolfgang Pantleon RISO 1-ID Advances in characterization of deformation structures by high resolution reciprocal space mapping
3/4/11 Frank Weber Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 30-ID Phonon Softening in TiSe2 and NbSe2
3/4/11 Prof. Jennifer Jackson California Institute of Technology   Earth's core-mantle boundary region
2/25/11 Steven Tommasini Stony Brook University 2-BM Synchrotron Radiation-Based Tomography in Assessing Bone Quality and Skeletal Fragility
2/25/11 Waruntorn (Jane) Kanitpanyacharoen University of California-Berkeley   Preferred Orientation and Elastic Anisotropy of Shales
2/18/11 Stuart Stock Northwestern University 2-BM microCT-based finite element analysis of sea urchin spine response to mechanical loading
2/18/11 Dr. Yong Chu BNL   NSLS-II - project update
2/11/11 Dr. Damien Dambournet ANL-CSE   Electrochemistry of Ti-based materials
2/4/11 Dr. Javier Bareno ANL-MSD   Structural Investigations of Layered Oxide Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
2/4/11 Dr. Haiyan Zhao ANL-XSD-SS 11-ID Time-resolved PDF studies of the formation of catalytic Ag0 nanoparticles in porous zeolite support
Jan/11 Seminar canceled
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/24/10 Lab Shutdown
12/17/10 canceled
12/10/10 Andrew Walters ESRF   Phonons in CaC6: the excitations of doped graphite
12/10/10 Matt Lindsay University of Waterloo   Passive in situ treatment of dissolved metal(loid)s in groundwater systems impacted by mine drainage
12/3/10 Raegan Johnson Penn State University 33-BM Tilt Transitions in Ag(Ta,Nb)O3 thin films
12/3/10 Dr. Joe Bradley Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 16-ID Novel Spectroscopy of Actinides: Settling Old Questions and Asking New Ones
11/12/10 No Seminar -Thanksgiving
11/19/10 Brandy M. Toner University of Minnesota 2-ID Retention of Biogeochemical Signatures by Iron Oxyhydroxide Minerals
in Deep-sea Deposits
11/19/10 Paul Quinn Diamond - UK   Spectroscopy at DIAMOND
11/12/10 No Seminar
11/5/10 Dr. Jong-Woo Kim APS-XSD-MM 6-ID Imaging the evolution of the anti-ferromagnetic to ferromagnetic magnetostructural first order phase transition of FeRh thin films
11/5/10 Yu Gan University of Illinois 9-ID True real-space imaging with atto-second resolution
10/29/10 No Seminar
10/22/10 Dr. Joel Bernier Lawrence Livermore National Lab 1-ID High energy 3d crystalline grain mapping
10/22/10 Min Gyu Kim Iowa State University 6-ID-B Suppression of orthorhombic distortion in superconducting Co doped BaFe2As2"
10/15/10 Prof. Xuemei Cheng Bryn Mawr College 4-ID-C Vortex dynamics in an equilateral triangular arrangement of three magnetic disks
10/15/10 Prof. Stephen Baines Stony Brook University 2-ID-E New insights about marine biogeochemical cycles revealed by submicron scale XRF of plankton
10/8/10 Dmitry Popov Carnegie Institute of Washington 16-ID Crystal structure analysis against X-ray diffraction data in-situ collected on micro-crystals
10/8/10 Marcin Sikorski APS-XSD-TRR 8-ID Depletion driven structure and dynamics in bimodal colloidal suspensions
10/1/10 No Seminar - SAC Cross-Cut Review
9/24/10 No Seminar - SRI Confernce
9/17/10 No Seminar
9/10/10 Nuwan Karunaratne Northern Illinois University 8-ID-I Fast X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy measurements from the dynamics of eye-lens proteins
8/27/10 Yu-chen Karen Chen Northwestern University   In-situ Imaging of Nanopore Formation by Dealloying using Transmission X-ray Microscopy and Bragg Coherent Diffraction Imaging
8/20/10 Ignace Jarrige Japan Atomic Energy Agency, SPring-8 N/A Inelastic x-ray scattering at SPring-8: Present achievements and future prospects
8/7/10 Naji Husseini University of Michigan XOR-32-ID Beyond ex post fracto imaging: in situ, real-time diagnostics of fatigue-crack propagation
8/7/10 Prof. Jake Socha Virginia Tech XOR-32-ID More bugs in the beam: further insights on beetle breath
7/30/10 Qingying Jia Illinois Institute of Technology   Identifying nanostructure and electronic properties of PtNi with improved performance for cathode catalysts
7/30/10 Prof. Jacob Jones University of Florida XOR-1-ID Piezoelectricity in polycrystalline ceramics: diffraction measurements challenge commonly held assumptions
7/23/10 Patrick La Riviere University of Chicago   Accelerating X-ray Flourescence Tomography
7/23/10 Don Brown Los Alamos -NL XOR-1-ID Rate-Dependent Deformation of HCP Beryllium
  No Seminar 6/18-7/16
6/11/10 Fred Walker Yale University   Size scaling a non-volatile ferroelectric memory to atomic dimensions
6/11/10 Mali Balasubramanian XSD-SPC XOR-20-BM X-ray absorption and x-ray Raman scattering studies of battery materials
6/4/10 Tony van Buuren LLNL XOR-32-ID Materials for Laser Fusion Targets
6/4/10 Bhoopesh Mishra Princeton University   Molecular Scale Interactions of Mercury During Biotic and Abiotic Processes
5/28/10 Sudeshna Bandyopadhyay Northwestern University   Surface Order in ‘Cold’ Liquids
5/21/10 John Okasinski XSD-MC   Using High-Energy X-rays to Examine Surfaces and Buried Interfaces at the APS
5/14/10 Canceled
5/7/10 Canceled - APS User's Meeting
4/30/10 Canceled
4/23/10 Anne Marie March XSD-AMO XOR-7-ID High Repetition Rate Pump-Probe Experiments with X-rays and Intense Lasers
4/23/10 Florian Fusseis University of Western Australia XOR-2-BM Formation of secondary porosity in 4D Synchrotron X-ray tomography experiments - what we have achieved and where we are heading
4/16/10 Sumit Kewalramani BNL XOR-9-ID Electrostatics driven 2D assembly of nanoparticles on lipid monolayers at air-water interface
4/16/10 Kenji Ishii SRRC-JAEA XOR-30-ID Momentum-resolved charge dynamics in correlated electron systems studied by resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
4/9/10 ??      
4/2/10 ??      
3/26/10 Dr. Josh Vura-Weis Northwestern University   Crossover from Single-step Tunneling to Multi-step Hopping for Molecular Triplet Energy Transfer
3/26/10 Dr. Frederic Poineau Univeristy of Nevada-Las Vegas XOR-12-ID Technetium Chemistry at the University of Nevada Las Vegas
3/19/10 Prof. Richard Reeder Stony Brook University   Environmental effects of the sorption of anions on nanoparticles: a differential pair distribution function study
3/19/10 Prof. Yulia Pushkar Purdue University   Catalytic water oxidation: from Green Plants to Future Energy Solutions
3/12/10 David Vine University of Melbourne XOR-2-ID Fresnel coherent diffractive imaging: Projects and Progress
3/12/10 Bonna Newman MIT Laboratory for Photovoltaic Research   3d Transition Metal Impurities in Crystalline Silicon
3/5/10 Ryan Tappero NSLS-BNL   Evidence for Metal (hyper)tolerance in Seeds of Hyperaccumulator Plants from the genus Alyssum and Thlaspi
3/5/10 Sophie-Charlotte Gleber University of Goettingen XOR-2-ID Investigation of the trace element distributions in aqueous clay and soil samples using x-ray fluorescence microscopy
2/26/10 Wenli Bi Washington Univ. - St. Louis HP-CAT-16-ID High-Pressure Studies of Structure and Valence in Europium Metal to 92 GPa
2/26/10 Dr. Ildar Salakhutdinov Columbia Univ. 8-ID Characterization of ultrathin layers for plasmonic application
2/19/10 ??      
2/12/10 Valerie Petkov Central Michigan University XOR-1-ID High-energy resonant XRD and differential atomic PDFs
2/12/10 Haozhe Liu Harbin Institute of Technology XOR-2-BM & HP-CAT-16-ID 3D exploration of materials under high pressure conditions using imaging and diffraction tomographic techniques
2/5/10 Anjali Singhal Northwestern University XOR-1-ID Creep deformation in bone measured by high-energy x-ray diffraction
2/5/10 Allan Lyckegaard Risoe DTU XOR-1-ID The boxscan technique - a novel method for mapping polycrystals
1/29/10 Alec Sandy XSD 8-ID The ANL-LBNL fast CCD: An (XPCS) User's Perspective
1/22/10 Steve Ross XSD Optics and Detectors Group N/A X-ray detectors 101: Understanding work in the picosecond range
1/15/10 Canceled
1/8/10 canceled
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/25/09 Lab Shutdown
12/18/09 canceled
12/11/09 Jenny V. Lockard ANL-CSE XOR-11-ID Probing excited state distortions of transition metal complexes using X-ray transient absorption spectroscopy
12/11/09 John Mitchell ANL-MSD XOR-11-BM

Tuning into Frustration in the Kagome Antiferromagnet YBaCo4O7

12/4/09 Dr Chris Ling University of Sydney, Australia XOR-11-ID-B Unusual structural, hydration and mixed conduction properties in Ba4Nb2O9 and Ba4Ta2O9
12/4/09 Dr. Robert A. Crowell Brookhaven National Laboratory XOR-12-ID No Title


11/20/09 Daniel Abraham ANL-CMT XOR-20-BM Diagnostic Examination of Lithium-ion Batteries
11/20/09 Chantel Tester Northwestern University XOR-1-ID Liposome stabilized amorphous calcium carbonate.
11/13/09 Frank Weber ANL-MSD XOR-30-ID Phonons in CDW systems
11/13/09 Rodrigo Lobo Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico City, Mexico XOR-12-ID Rhenium complexes and clusters supported on g-Alumina: Effects of cluster size and rhenium oxidation state on catalytic activity for n-butane conversion
11/6/09 Rosa Barabash Oak Ridge National Laboratory XOR-34-ID Polychromatic Microdiffraction and Finite Element Simulation of Local Deformation Near the Boundary of a Ni Bicrystal
11/6/09 Aaron Gray University of Illinois – UC XOR-33-ID One Dimensionally Modulated Ag Films Grown on Atomic Chains
10/30/09 David Vaknin Ames laboratory XOR-6-ID X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction studies of ion binding to Mms6 - the growth-promoting protein of magnetite nano-crystals
10/30/09 Daniel S. Tinberg Pennsylvania State University XOR-33-ID Octahedral Tilt Transitions in Pb(Zr1-xTix)O3 Thin Films
10/23/09 Kathryn Ross McMaster University XOR-ID-D Unexpected Magnetic Frustration, 2D Spin Correlations, and Field Induced Order in the Pyrochlore Magnet Yb2Ti2O7
10/23/09 Prof. Robert Mayanovic Missouri State University   In situ high P-T x-ray spectroscopic studies of materials in supercritical fluids
10/16/09 Tabbetha Dobbins Louisiana Tech University   Understanding the role of transition metal catalysts in H2 desorption from the Complex Metal Hydrides using Synchrotron X-ray Studies
10/16/09 Jessie Ward University of Michigan   No tile
10/9/09 Joseph Washington North Carolina State University XOR-20-ID The Structural Implications of Nitrogen doping on Ge2Sb2Te5
10/9/09 John-Paul Castellan ANL-Material Science Division XOR-11-ID-D Single Crystal Diffraction measurements of the Charge Density Wave Systems, NbSe2 and TiSe2
10/2/09 Phillip Ryan APS-XSD-MMG XOR-6-ID Diffuse scattering from epitaxial complex oxide films.
9/25/09 R. A. Gordon PNC-CAT / Simon Fraser University XOR-20-ID Orientation-dependent x-ray Roman scattering from cubic crystals: natural linear dichroism in MnO and Ce02
9/18/09 Matthieu Chollet APS-TRR XOR-7-ID High repetition rate streak camera detector using the APS RF signal
9/11/09 Sangsoo Kim XSD-MIC   Fresnel coherent diffractive imaging of Au nanofoam
9/4/09 Canceled
8/28/09 Zhenxing Feng Northwestern University   In-situ study redox-induced catalysts changes on oxides support
8/21/09 Neng Guo ANL-CSE XOR-12-BM XANES studies of reactants absorption on catalyst surfaces during water-gas shift reaction
8/14/09 John Provis University of Melbourne XOR-26-ID Geopolymer concrete: Multiscale materials design for C02 savings in construction
8/14/09 Martin de Jonge Australian Synchrotron XOR-2-ID Fluorescence tomography of whole cyclotella at 300-nm resolution...towards fast fluorescence tomography
8/7/09 Reagan McRae Georgia Tech University XOR-2-ID Copper homeostasis in mammalian cells: trafficking, regulation, and storage of kinetically labile copper pools
8/7/09 Ross Harder XSD-IMG XOR-34-ID In-situ confocal microscopy enables nano scale strain tensor mapping using coherent x-ray diffraction imaging
7/31/09 Angus Wilkinson Georgia Tech University XOR-1-ID Local structural studies of negative thermal expansion materials
7/31/09 Karen Mulfort CNM-ANL XOR-12-ID Solution phase x-ray scattering of supromolecular assemblies
7/24/09 Florian Fusseis Univ of Western Australia XOR-2-ID Granular fluid pump - a new model for fluid transfer through the middle crust based on synchrotron x-ray tomography
7/24/09 Volker Rose XSD-IMG XOR-26-ID Tomography of geopolymers
7/17/09 Greg Halder XSD-MC XOR-1-BM High pressure studies of molecular materials
7/17/09 Xiaoyi Zhang XSD-CMS XOR-11-ID Visualizing electronic and structural changes in solar energy conversion processes using the time-resolved XAS
7/3/09 Canceled - July 4 Holiday
6/26/09 Swati Pol ANL XOR-20-BM Study of Li-ion (de) intercalation in battery materials by spectroscopy
6/26/09 Worajit Setthapun ANL XOR-20 BM In-situ XAFS analysis for teh synthesis and testing of supported Pt catalysts: Atomic layer deposition and propane oxidation.
6/19/09 Bruce Ravel NIST MR-10-ID EXAFS studies of catalytic DNA sensors for metallic contamination of water
6/19/09 Tim Fister MSD-ANL XOR-11-ID-D Total reflection inelastic x-ray scattering: soft x-ray surface spectroscopy with a hard x-ray probe
6/12/09 Peter Pershan Harvard Univ. CARS-15-ID The surface structure of liquid metals
6/12/09 Fred Walker Yale University CARS-15-ID Function and structure of the oxide on silicon interface
6/5/09 Sang Soo Lee CSE-ANL XOR-11-ID-D Heavy metal uptake at the muscovite-solution interface observed using in-situ x-ray reflectivity
6/5/09 Jungho Kim XSD-IXN XOR-9-ID Use of a phase retarder in combination with inelastic x-ray scattering
5/29/09 Ulrich Lienert XSD 1-ID High energy diffraction microscopy at the APS 1-ID beamline
5/22/09 Stanislav Stoupin XSD 30-ID Thermal expansion of diamond: a high-energy-resolution x-ray diffraction study
5/15/09 Brian Tieman AES-BCDA N/A Service oriented science.
5/8/09 Steve Heald APS-XSD-XS XOR-20-ID/20-BM Recent optics development at Sector 20.
5/1/09 Canceled - APS User's Meeting
4/24/09 Karen Chen Northwestern University XOR-32-ID X-ray imaging of nanoporous gold, using transmission x-ray microscope and coherent x-ray diffraction imaging
4/24/09 Minna Krejci Northwestern University XOR-2-ID-D Study of selective biomineralization of Ba and Sr using x-ray fluorescence microscopy
4/17/09 Christian Holzner SUNY-Stony Brook   X-ray phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy - some considerations
4/17/09 Jade Atkin Univ. of Sydney XOR-2-ID-E X-ray microprobe studies of organic microfossils
4/10/09 Prof. George Flynn SUNY - Plattsburg XOR-2-ID-D Interstellar grains from NASA Stardust Mission
4/10/09 Moyu Watari Univ. College-London XOR-34-ID Nanomechanical Biosensing: from cantilevers to single nanocrystal
4/3/09 Jung-Ho Je Pohang Light Source XOR-32-ID X-ray imaging studies at Pohang light source
4/3/09 Adrian Mancusco DESY-Hasylab XOR-34-ID Coherent, finite, 2D crystallography
3/27/09 Dr. Manuel Angst Julich Research Center XOR-6-ID & XOR-4-ID Magnetoelectric effects in LuFe2O4
3/20/09 George Sterbinski Northwestern Univ. XOR-4-ID-C Structural and XMCD investigations of Fe2O3 films grown on Barium titanate heterostructures
3/20/09 Tao Sun Northwestern Univ. XOR-8-ID Effect of Pd-doping on the microstructure of mesoporous SnOx thin films
3/13/09 Jung-Ho Kim APS-XSD-IXS XOR-9-ID Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
3/13/09 Dr. Walter Schroeder Julich Research Center XOR-2-BM Preparation of biological tissues for imaging by complementing micro-beam techniques
3/6/09 Jin Wang APS-XSD-TRR XOR-32-ID Shock wave simulations in fuel sprays.
3/6/09 Alix Deymier Northwestern Univ. XOR-1-ID X-ray studies of bovine teeth
2/27/09 John Hill Brookhaven - NL XOR-9-ID Resonant Inelastic Scattering Studies of Magnetic Excitations
2/27/09 Greg MacDougall Oak Ridge - NL   Heterogeneous magnetic field response in overdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 as measured by muon spin rotation
2/20/09 Christoph Rose-Petruck Brown University XOR-7-ID Ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy of transition metal carbonyls studied with 2-ps temporal resolution at 7ID-C
2/20/09 Alessandro Cunsolo APS-XSD-IXS XOR-30-ID Microscopic and structural relaxations in simple liquids probed by Inelastic X Ray Scattering
2/13/09 Chris A. Tulk Oak Ridge National Lab XOR-11-ID & 1-ID A new for of gas hydrate.
2/13/09 Thomas Forest Univ. College- London XOR-30-ID X-ray magnetic studies of multiferroics
2/6/09 Prof. Clem Burns Univ. of Wetern Michigan XOR-33-ID Low-Temperature single-crystal diffraction from He.
1/30/09 Dr. Binhua Lin Univ. of Chicago - CARS CARS-15-ID Buckling of nanopartical monolayers at air/water interface
1/30/09 Dr. Maria Laguan-Marco APS-XSD-MM XOR-4-ID-D Local magnetism and structure distortion in BaIrO3 induced by Sr-doping and high pressure
1/23/09 Dr. Yu-Sheng Chen Univ. of Chicago - CARS CARS-15-ID Determination of Electronic Properties of Energetic Materials from Multipole Model
1/23/09 Dr. Xuemei Cheng APS-XSD-MM XOR-4-ID-C Capturing spin dancing in magnetic nanostructures
1/16/09 Dr. Zunping Liu APS-XSD-TRR XOR-32-ID Single-shot ultrafast phase-contrast imaging of fuel sprays
1/9/09 Canceled - APS Renewal Instrumentation Forum
1/2/09 Lab Shutdown
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/26/08 Lab Shutdown
12/19/08 Canceled
12/12/08   PNNL XOR-20-ID Catalysis
12/12/08 Dr. Kirk Scheckel Univ. of Cincinnati   Corrosion by-products associated with Pb pipes
12/5/08 Canceled
11/28/08 Thanksgiving holiday
11/14/08 Dr. Martin Greaves Aberystwyth University XOR-11-ID-C White hot liquids
10/31/08 Rebecca Sichel University of Wisconsin XOR-2-ID-D Microdiffraction measurements on BiFeO3 thin-films
10/31/08 Matthias Sobiech MPI- Metal Research - Stuttgart XOR-34-ID Diffraction analysis of residual stress gradients in Sn thin films on Cu-substrates - The driving force for Sn whisker growth
10/24/08 Lydia Finney XSD-MI XOR-2-ID-E Uncovering the role of Zinc in stem sell cifferntiation
10/24/08 Prof. Ian Robinson Univ. College - London XOR-34-ID Coherent diffraction imaging of zinc oxide crystals
10/17/08 Andrei Sirenko New Jersey Institute of Tech. XOR-2-ID-D Synchrotron microbeam diffraction measurements on GaN nanostructures.
10/17/08 Yeukuang Hwu Academica Sinica   Biomedicalimagning facility at the Tiawanese synchrotron
10/10/08 Alexander Kazimirov Cornell University XOR-2-ID-D X-ray diffraction measurments with microfocused beams
10/10/08 Martina Ralle Oregon Health & Science University XOR-2-ID-D/E Linking the intracellular pattern of copper distribution to different stages in Wilson disease
10/3/08 Marin Sikorski APS-XSD-TRR Hasylab Glass transitions near free surfaces studies by synchrotron radiation
10/3/08 Narcizo Souza-Neto APS-XSD-MM XOR-4-ID-D Pressure-dependent electronic structure of EuX (X=O, S, Se, Te) magnetic semiconductors
9/26/08 Canceled
9/19/08 Volker Rose XSD-XMI 26-ID X-ray microscopy with ultra-high spatial resolution: multilayer laue lens microscopy
9/12/08 Luka Pocivavsek Dept. of Chemistry and James Franck Institute, Univ. of Chicago ChemMat-15-ID Stress and fold localization in supported thin elastic membranes
9/5/08 Don Walko XSD-TRR XOR-7-ID Efficient data collection: using deadtime corrections and going beyond them
8/29/08 Elliot Kanter Argonne-Chem. XOR-7-ID Spatiotemporal evolution of laser-generated plamas
8/22/08 Yuan-Cheng Tseng Nortwestern Univ. XOR-4-ID-D High-pressure XMCD in GdSiGe magnetocalorics
8/22/08 Manuel Garcia Univ. of Madrid-Spain XOR-4-ID-D Novel magnetism in nano-pariticles
8/15/08 Zhang Jiang APS-XOR XOR-8-ID Grazing incidence diffraction studies of nano-particle self-assembly
8/8/08 Divine Kumah Univ. of Michigan XOR-7-ID, XOR-33-ID A Resonant Approach to the Coherent Bragg Rod Analysis
8/8/08 Satyendra Kumar Kent State Univ. XOR-6-ID-B Scattering studies from biaxial nematic liquid crystals
8/1/08 Jacob Gardner NIST XOR-11-ID-C Studies of frustrated magnet systems
8/1/08 Mattew Bierman U. of Wisconsin XOR-4-ID-C  
7/25/08 Alexander Boeker U. Bayreuth, Germany XOR-8-ID On the Influence of Electric Fields on Block Copolymer Morphologies
7/25/08 Andre Pereira U. Porto, Portugal XOR-11-ID-C Nanostratified R5(Si,Ge)4 Compounds with Giant Magnetocaloric Effect
7/18/08 Oleg Gang Brookhaven-NL XOR-8-ID DNA-Guided Assembly of Guided Nano-architecture
7/18/08 Ulf Garbe ANSTO XOR-1-ID Texture Measurement with High-energy Synchrotron Radiation
7/11/08 Yisong (Alex) Guo University of California- Davis XOR-3-ID  
7/11/08 Carolyn Dillon University of Wollongong, Australia XOR-2-ID Flourescence analysis of cancer cells
7/4/08 4th of July Holiday
6/27/08 Mark Foster Univ. of Akron    
6/27/08 David Tiede ANL-Chemistry XOR-7-ID  
6/20/08 Lili Gao Univ. Illinois -UC /APS XOR-3-ID  
6/20/08 Oleg Spyrko Univ. California - San Diego XOR-8-ID  
6/13/08 Ariane Kretlow Brookhaven-NL XOR-2-ID Scrapie and Metals: A Dangerous Relationship
6/13/08 Mrinmay Mukhopadhyay Univ. of Cal-SD & NIU XOR-8-ID Structure of thin film polystyrene melts: a GISAXS study
5/9/08 User's Meeting
5/2/08 canceled
3/28/08 Bernhard Adams XOR-TR 7-ID Latest results on x-ray parametric down conversion
3/28/08 Sungsik Lee ANL-Chemistry 12-ID Size selective GISAXS studies of nanoparticles and nanoclusters
3/21/08 Yujie Wang XOR-TR 32-ID Imaging of water droplet merging dynamics
3/21/08 Mark Pfeifer   26-ID Bragg-Fresnel coherent diffractive imaging
3/14/08 Mark Jensen ANL-Chemistry 2-ID Plutonium chemistry in biological cells
3/7/08 Steve Leaky Imperial College-London 34-ID CXD on zinc oxide nanocrystals
3/7/08 Malcolm Guthrie HP Sync 16-ID High pressure neutron and x-ray experiments
2/29/08 Prof. Richard Welberry Australian National University 11-ID-B Diffuse x-ray scattering and models of disorder
2/29/08 Jong-Woo Kim Iowa State University µ-CAT - 6-ID A study of the XRMS branching ratios at rare earth L2,3 edges
2/22/08 Brian Abby University of Melbourne XOR-2-ID-B Coherent diffraction imaging with curved beams: What can we do what we hope to achieve
2/22/08 Mario Rodriguez ESRF XOR-34-ID How many things can you do with an Atomic Force Microscope mounted on top of your sample holder?
2/15/08 Zhang Jiang XOR-TRR XOR-8-ID Grazing incidence x-ray scattering
2/15/08 Ryan Ott Ames Laboratory XOR-1-ID Synchrotron studies of atomic scale deformation in amorphous materials
2/8/08 John Freeland XOR-MM XOR-4-ID-C Magnetic and orbital properties of complex oxides
2/8/08 Robert Mullenberg Lawrence Livermore NL XOR-4-ID-D Electronic Structure of nanoclusters
2/1/08 canceled due to snow
1/25/08 Yejun Feng APS-MM XOR-4-ID, XOR-6-ID The Advantages and Challenges of Polarization Analyzers for High-Energy X-ray Magnetic Scattering
1/18/08 Liz Moog ASD-MD N/A Insertion Devices Update
1/11/08 Ralu Divan CNM   Center for Nanoscale Materials Nanofabrication User Facility
1/4/08 No Seminar
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/29/07 Lab Shutdown
12/22/07 Lab Shutdown
12/14/07 Chad Miller LANL/LANSE   Probing Nano-Domains in Single Bilayer Bio-Membranes
12/14/07 James Reed University of Illinois-UC   Screening Effect in Graphite
12/7/07 Bruce Ravel NIST MR-10-ID  
12/7/07 Bogdan Leu Argonne XOR-3-ID NRIXS studies on heme proteins and model compounds
11/30/07 Prof. Matthew Miller Cornell University XOR-1-ID Measuring crystal stresses in engineering alloys
11/30/07 Dr. Lauren Borkowski University of Nevada-Las Vegas ChemMat-15-ID Compression studies of a uranyl glutarate
11/24/07 Thanksgiving holiday
11/16/07 Dr. Arthur Jeremy Kropf ANL-CSE MR-10-ID The Microchemistry of Spent Uranium Oxide Nuclear Fuel
11/16/07 Adam J. Meuler University of Minnesota DND-5-ID Designer Block Terpolymer Networks
11/9/07 Prof. Beatriz Roldan Cuenya University of Central Florida XOR-3-ID Atomic vibrations in metal nanoclusters
11/9/07 Dr. Brian Landers Dow Chemical DND-5-ID Stress and shear in Polymer thin-films
11/2/07 Dr. Venkata Krishnan University of Pennsylvania XOR-9-ID Structural investigations on organometallic complexes and nanomaterials by XAFS and Raman spectroscopy
11/2/07 Lizhi Tan Iowa State University XOR-4-ID-D Magnetic Structure of Gd5Ge4 using x-ray resonance magnetic scattering
10/19/07 Darren XSD-CEP 11-ID-B High pressure PDF studies of glasses and rocks
10/19/07 Joshua Turner University of Oregon - ALS XOR-9-ID Orbital ordering domain dynamics in a manganite measured with coherent soft x-rays
9/21/07 Jun Wang XSD-MC NECAT-8-BM Tracking structural changes in protein crystals
9/14/07 Don Walko XSD-TRR XOR-7-ID Correcting for dead-time in pulsed detectors for different fill patterns
9/7/07 Konstantin Ignatyev XSD-XMI XOR-2-BM Fluorescence x-ray tomography of meteorites
8/31/07 Kamel Fezzaa ANL XOR-32-ID Ultrafast full-field x-ray imaging at 32-ID


Yong Chu ANL XOR-32-ID New TXM at 32-ID
8/24/07 Jim Drummond UIC XOR-2-BM X-ray tomography of dental materials
8/17/07 Yasuhiro Matsuda Tohoku University XOR-4-ID-D Synchrotron x-ray spectroscopy and diffraction in pulsed high magnetic fields
8/17/07 Jacob Ruff McMaster University XOR-4-ID-D Structural fluctuations and magnetic frustration in th AFM pyrochlore Tb2Ti2O7
8/10/07 Arthur Motta Penn. St. Univ. XOR-2-ID Corrosion layers formed on 9CrODS steel in supercritical water
8/10/07 Jake Socha APS-XSD-MI XOR-32-ID Giant bugs
8/3/07 Ken Kelton Washington Univ.- St. Louis µ-CAT, 6-ID Local structure of undercooled alloy melts: PDFs and electrostatic levitation
8/3/07 Klaus Attenkaufer APS-XSD-CEP XOR-11-ID-D Time dependent spectroscopy on solid state samples-Motivation, challenges, and solutions
7/27/07 Joseph Woicik NIST   Using NEXAFS to determine local atomic environment
7/20/07 Daniel Erradonea Univ. of Valencia /Spain HP-16-ID High pressure sudies of BaWO4
7/20/07 Yvonne Glanville Penn. St. Univ. µ-CAT, 6-ID  
7/13/07 Emmanuel Soignard Arizona St. Univ. XOR-1-ID High pressure PDF measurements of amorphous materials
7/13/07 Dario Arena & Bill Bailey BNL & Columbia Univ. XOR-4-ID-C Using XMCD to measure ferromagnetic resonance
7/6/07 John Almer APS-XSD-MC XOR-1-ID  
7/6/07 Mary Upton BNL XOR-9-ID Scattering studies of plasmons in carbon nanotubes
6/29/07 Svetlana Kharlamova APS-XSD-IXS XOR-3-ID Magnetic studies of GeFe3(BO3)4 at high pressures
6/29/07 Peter Abomonte Univ. of Illinois XOR-9-ID & CARS-15-ID  
6/22/07 Guillame Chabot-Couture Stanford University XOR-4-ID-D Diffuse x-ray scattering from superstructures in HgBa2CuO4+δ
6/22/07 Yang Ding HP-CAT HP-16-ID/XOR-4-ID High pressure study of mangenite.
6/15/07 Jason Hancock SSRL XOR-30-ID Geometical dependence of Cu K resonant inelastic scattering cross-section.
6/15/07 Nalaka Kodituwakku APS-XSD-IXS XOR-9-ID Inelastic x-ray scattering of organic semi-conductors
6/8/07 Klaus Richter Northwestern U. 34-ID Using Hard x-rays to study mamalian hearing
6/8/07 Lin Wang HP-Sync HP-16-ID Shape control of effects in C60 nano crystals
6/1/07 Atsushi Kubo GSE-CARS CARS-13-ID Rietveld refinement in MgFeO3 post-perovskite phase to 1 Mbar.
6/1/07 Micheal Lerche HP-Sync XOR-3-ID Magnetism in amorphous iron
5/25/07 Eric Dufrene XSD-XOR-TR XOR-7-ID Beryllium and Lithium Compound Refractive X-ray Lenses
5/18/07 Ke Zhang IIT XOR-9-BM, MR-10-ID Developing Sensitive and Efficient x-ray Fluorescence Detectors
5/11/07 User's Meeting
05/04/07 John Lee XSD-BTS XOR-1-ID, XOR-11-ID Applications and characterization of GE amorphous Si detector.
4/27/07 Sunan Kim GIST, Korea XOR-8-ID Effective x-ray source size characterization of phase constrast imaging.
4/27/07 Dave Keavney APS-XSD-MM XOR-4-ID-C Magnetization dynamics in patterned structure imaged using time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy.
4/20/07 Steve Danaukas Univ. of Chicago ChemMat /15-ID X-ray beam damage of phospholipid monolayers observed by an integrated Brewster anle microscope, Langmiur trough, and Grazing incicence x-ray diffraction instrument.
4/20/07 Oleg Shpyrko ANL-CNM XOR-8-ID Dynamics of anitferromagnetic domain wall with XPCS.
4/13/07 Nathan Zahler Univ. of Michigan XOR-2-ID X-ray flourescence microprobe studies of Cd toxicity in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
4/13/07 Xuerong Liu Univ. of California-SD XOR-4-ID-D Semi-quantitative simulation of the diffuse scattering from YBa2Cu3O6.93
4/6/07 Chris Marshall CMT-ANL MR-CAT/10-ID In situ use of XAFS for studying catalysis in reduction of NOx
4/6/07 Sayeed Abbas Univ. of Minnesota DND-CAT/5-ID Phase behavior of diblock copolymers in selective solvents
3/30/07 Eric Samulon Stanford U. 1-BM & 4-ID-D Structural Phase Transition and Incommensurate Modulation in Spin Gap Compound BaCuSi2O6
3/30/07 Victor Streltsov CSIRO- Melbourne 20-ID Structure of the human insulin receptor ectodomain
3/23/07 Raul Barrea IIT/Bio-CAT Bio-18-ID Copper accumulation in normal and tumor tissues.
3/23/07 Greg Halder U. of Sydney 1-BM Variable Temperature Powder Diffraction Studies of SpinCrossover Materials
3/16/07 Xiaoyi Zhang XSD-CHM XOR-11-ID-D Visualizing Electronic and Molecular Structures along Relaxation Pathways of Photoexcited Metalloporphyrins -- Combining Laser and X-Ray Spectroscopy
3/16/07 Jonathan Bell and Pankaj Sarin U. of Illinois XOR-11-ID-D & 33-BM Rapid High Temperature XRD Investigations of Oxide Ceramics
3/9/07 Gabrielle Long XSD 33-ID Conductive nanowire micronetworks from carbon-black nanoparticles
3/9/07 Malcom Guthrie U. of Edinburgh XOR-11-ID-C Oxygen Disorder in High-Pressure Ice
3/2/07 Zhe Qu Tulane U. XOR-4-ID-D Unusual cluster glass phase in double-layered ruthenates (Sr1-xCax)3Ru2O7
3/2/07 Kathy Nagy UIC XOR-11-ID-D & 12-BM Mica Matters: Surface Sorption Observed by Synchrotron X-ray Scattering
2/23/07 Yang Ren XSD-MC XOR-11-ID-C Ferroelectric shape memory alloys
2/23/07 Tao Sun Northwestern U. XOR-8-ID Investigation of Nucleation and Grain Growth of Sol-gel Derived Oxide Thin film Using GISAXS
2/16/07 Di-Jia Liu ANL-CMT XOR-11-ID-B Synchrotron studies of fuel cell materials
2/9/07 Jerry Siedler U. of Washington XOR-20-ID Removal of lifetime and instrumental broadenings in XAFS and RIXS spectra.
2/9/07 Tim Fister U. of Washington XOR-20-ID Q-dependence of x-ray raman spectroscopy from carbonates
2/2/07 Jennifer Doebbler XSD-MC XOR-11-BM Powder diffraction studies of protien crystals
2/2/07 Scott Openhiemer Northwestern U. DND-6-ID Processing of porous NiTi
1/26/07 Stanislav Stoupin IIT

XOR-9-ID &

XAS Studies of PbTiO3 with high-concentration Mn doping .
1/19/07 Shelly Kelly


MR-10-ID Bioremediation and Biomineralization of U(VI) in calcium carbonate systems
1/12/07 Yong Chu XSD-MI 2-BM Bright Field Imaging of Strain at <100nm Resolution
1/5/07 Xiangrong Huang XSD-OFM XOR-2-BM Topographic Imaging and Kinematical Diffraction Simulation of Superscrew Dislocations in SiC
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/29/06 Lab Shutdown
12/22/06 Lab Shutdown
12/15/06 Joe Hriljac Birmingham U. -UK XOR-11-ID-B High pressure scattering studies of Zeolites
12/15/06 Micheal Bedzyk Northwestern U. DND-6-ID X-ray atomic imaging at interfaces
12/8/06 Andy Richter Valpariaso Univeristy XOR-1-BM & 9-ID In-Situ x-ray reflectivity studies of protein absoprtion onto functionalized surfaces.
12/8/06 Robert Hough


Perth, Australia

XOR-2-BM Synchrotron study of gold bearing Australian regolith
12/1/06 Jacob Jones U. of Florida XOR-1 and XOR-7 Domains and non-linearity in ferroelectrics.
12/1/06 Glenn Waychunas LBNL XOR-4-ID-C Absoprtion of anions on Fe oxides surfaces
11/25/06 Thanksgiving holiday
11/17/06 ??      
11/10/06 Guoyin Shen HP-CAT HP-CAT 16-ID Structures and densities of glass and liquid materials under pressure
11/10/06 Hanfei Yan ANL-CNM XOR-26-ID Sub-20 nm hard x-ray focussing at 26-ID
11/3/06 ??      
10/27/06 Dr. Ashesh Parikh Texas Instruments XOR-2-ID-D Characterization of structure and morphology of an advanced CMOS device under uniaxial stress by synchrotron x-ray diffraction
10/27/06 Kathy Kitts Northern Illinois University GSECARS-13-ID Solar Wind and the Early Solar System: Genesis Shards and Apollo Lunar Soils
10/20/06 Yandong Wang Northeastern University (China) XOR-12-ID Tracing Memory in Ferromagnetic Shape-Memory Alloys
10/20/06 Ann Shaklee Erickson Stanford University XOR-4-ID-D Ferromagnetism in the Mott insulator Ba_2NaOsO_6
10/13/06 Laurent Menard Univ. of IL at Urbana-Champaign XOR-33-ID/UNI Structure and Dynamics in Ligand-Protected and Supported Metal Nanoparticles
10/13/06 Kathryn Krycka Brookhaven National Lab XOR-4-ID-D Structurally and magnetically charactering ultra-thin Cu/Co/Cu thin films with resonant x-ray methods
10/6/06 Martin de Jonge ANL-XSD-MI XOR-2-ID-E An approach to evaluating quantitative phase from differential phase contrast measurements obtained using a fluorescence STXM
10/6/06 Rich Rosenberg ANL-XSD-MM XOR-4-ID-C X-ray excited optical lumenesence of nanostructures
9/29/06 Chieh-Tsung Lo ANL-XSD-CEP XOR-12-ID SAXS studies from Au nano-particles
9/22/06 Yujie Wang ANL-XSD-TRR XOR-32-ID Recent progress in ultra fast phase contrast imaging
9/15/06 Martin Tolkiehn ANL-XSD-TRR XOR-8-ID  
9/8/06 Tom Irving IIT Bio-Cat 18-ID SAXS studies of muscle fibers
9/1/06 Chris Benmore IPNS/APS-XSD XOR-11-ID-B X-ray and neutron PDF measurements
8/25/06 Andrea Gerson University of South Australia XOR-32-ID X-ray microscopy of minerals
8/18/06 Yong Zhang National Renewable Energy Laboratory XOR-1-BM  
8/18/06 Lahsen Assoufid APS-XSD-OM   Current status of mirror metrology.
8/11/06 APS Renewal Workshop
8/4/06 ??      
7/28/06 ??      
7/21/06 ??      
7/14/06 Ning Yang APS-XSD/UOP 33-BM/UNI X-ray powder diffraction of AIPO4-14 under propylene/propane flow
7/14/06 Xianghui Xiao APS-XSD-MI 32-ID Crystal optics as gaurd slits for coherent imaging.
7/7/06 C.T. Dillon Univ. of Sidney (Australia) XOR-2 Relationship between Chromium uptake into cells and Type-II diabetes
7/7/06 Martin Holt ANL-CNM XOR-8 Dynamic fluctuations and static speckle in critical x-ray scattering from SrTiO3
6/30/06 Duncan McGillivray NIST -CAT Biomimetic membrane systems for protein reconstitution
6/30/06 Fan Jiang ANL-MSD XOR-12 In situ Surface Studies of InGaN MOCVD Growth
6/23/06 Steve Heald PNNL XOR-20/PNC XAFS Study of the Chemical and Structural States of Technetium in Fe(III) Oxide Co-precipitates.
6/23/06 Jeffrey Catalano ANL-Chem. XOR-12 Resonant reflectivity at water/mineral interfaces.
6/16/06 Bo Jakobsen RISO (Denmark) XOR-1 High Angular Resolution 3DXRD - Observing Bulk Subgrains and theirDynamics
6/16/06 Stefan Vogt ANL-XSD XOR-2 Investigating trace elements in heart muscle cells using X-ray fluorescence microscopy
6/9/06 Marcus Young Northwestern Univ XOR-1 Strain Measurements and Imaging of Metal Matrix Composites
6/9/06 Yuri Svydko ANL-XSD XOR-32 Development of new optics for very high resolution inelastic x-ray scattering spectroscopy
6/2/06 Steve Koolmann ANL-HEP ChemMatCARS Studing most energetic particles in universe requires understanding 5 keV x-rays
6/2/06 Daniel Haskel ANL-XSD XOR-4 XMCD and EXAFS in GdSiGe
5/26/06 Gang Chen ANL-ET XOR-1 Measuring depth-resolved residual strain in nanocrystalline films
5/19/06 Ke Zhang HD Technologies 9-BM X-ray Fluorescence Detection at Bright Synchrotron Beamlines
5/12/06 Haozhe Liu HP-CAT HP-CAT-16 High pressure powder diffraction on minerals
5/5/06 User's Meeting
4/28/06 canceled
4/21/06 Tom Duffy Princeton University GSECARS-13 Phase Transition of Earth Mantle (Interior)
4/21/06 Yongshen Chen PNNL XOR-20 EXAFS of Catalysis Rh Clusters in liquid
4/14/06 Bejamin Hornburger Stony Brook University XOR-2 Phase contrast with a segmented silcon detector in a scanning x-ray microprobes
4/14/06 Andrea Prodi MIT XOR-4 (AA3)Mn4O12 mixed-valence double perovskites: A new playground for charge-spin-orbital ordering phenomena
4/7/06 Xu Ting U. Penn CMC/XOR-9 Microdomain orientation in thin films of diblock copolymers
4/7/06 Ersan Ustundag Iowa St. XOR-1 Data analysis and modeling in Engineering Diffraction: The DANSE project
3/31/06 Himanshu Jain Lehigh Univ. XOR-11 "Photo activated glasses"
3/31/06 Stine Nyborg Ancona ANL/MSD XOR-11&1 "Thermal diffuse scattering on complex oxides"
3/24/06 Jan Hessler ANL/CHM XOR-12 A High-Speed One-Dimensional Detector for Time-Resolved Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
3/24/06 Alexei Grigoriev Univ. of WI XOR-7 "Nanosecond dynamics of strain and polarization in ferroelectrics"
3/17/06 Jeff Eastman ANL/MSD XOR-12  "In-Situ X-Ray Scattering Studies of Cu (001) Early-Stage Oxidation."
3/17/06 Qiang Mei ANL/IPNS XOR-11 Topological changes in glassy GeSe2 under pressure.
3/10/06 Rebecca Mathew Stanford Univ. XOR-12 Remeasuring the Double Helix
3/10/06 David S. Ellis Univ. of Toronto XOR-9 Electronic Excitation in the Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering Spectra of La2CuO4"
3/3/06 Stephen Mudie CSIRO ChemMatCARS Characterization of group III nitrides: fun in reciprocal space with optoelectronic materials
3/3/06 Jake Socha ANL/XSD XOR-32 The role of tracheal compression in gas exchange in a beetle, Platynus decentis
2/24/06 Leopoldo Sescun ANL-MSD    
2/24/06 Paris Barnes ANL-MSD    
2/17/06 Asfia Huq ANL-IPNS    
2/17/06 Mark Bailey      
2/10/06 Joel Bernier ANL-XSD XOR-1-ID  
2/10/06 Joseph S Brunzelle Northwestern U. LS-CAT  
1/27/06 Steve Ginnell BioScience/ANL SBC Requirements for high resolution protein crystallography
1/27/06 Diego Casa ANL-XSD CMC/XOR-9 IXS on Nanotubes
1/20/06 Klaus Attenkofer ANL-XSD XOR-11 High Resolution Fluorescence Analysis
1/13/06 Mali Balasubramanian ANL-XSD PNC/XOR-20 Application of In-Situ XAFS: Structural studies of Li Intercalation in Battery Materials
1/6/06 Dong-Reyol Lee ANL-XSD XOR-8 Reconstruction of magnetization reversals in a nanoscale spin-valve array
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/30/05 Lab Shutdown
12/23/05 Lab Shutdown
12/16/05 Alison Davenport U. of Birminham (UK) XOR-2 Tomography
12/16/05 John Freeland APS-XSD XOR-4 Magnetic studies of Maganite films
12/9/05 Chris Ryan U. of Melbourne XOR-2 Advanced analysis in XRF imaging
12/9/05 Kai Zhang Northwestern U. XOR-2 High Stress Coarsening in Nanocrystalline Metals - Characterization by Microbeam X-ray Diffraction
12/2/05 Peter Lay U. of Sydney XOR-2 Studies on the Early-Stage Damage in Cells that Leads to Cardiovascular Disease
12/2/05 Ben Larson ORNL UNI-34 X-ray microscopy perspective
11/25/05 Thanksgiving holiday
11/18/05 Shelly Kelly BioScience/ANL   X-ray microdiffraction
11/18/05 Arwen Pearson U. Minnesota SBC Trapping enzymatic intermidates: radiation damage issues
11/11/05 Craig Jeffrey U. Missouri-Columbia -CAT In-Situ studies of Pb nanocrystal growth on Si(111)
11/11/05 Conal Murray IBM-WRC XOR-2 Edge effects in heteroepitaxial structures as measured
11/4/05 Matthew Kidd U. Michigan XOR-2 Yeast Metalloproteomics
10/28/05 Ellery Ingall/Jay Bran style="display:none">des Georgia Tech/Skidaway style="display:none"> Inst. Of Oceanography XOR-2 Nutrient cycles in marine systems
10/28/05 Sarah Dunsiger McMaster University, H style="display:none">amilton XOR-4 Studies on low-dimensional magnetic systems using x-rays and neutrons
10/21/05 Ayman Said APS/ANL XOR-3 Dynamics in hot and undercooled liquids
10/21/05 Jason Hancock Stanford University XOR-4 X-ray diffuse scattering on high-Tc superconductors
10/14/05 Sujoy Roy U. Of California at San style="display:none">Diego XOR-4 Magnetism studies using resonant x-ray scattering
10/14/05 Valentin Iota Lawrence Livermore La style="display:none">boratory HPCAT Transition metals under high pressure
10/7/05 Yuming Xiao U. of California at Davi style="display:none">s XOR-3 NRVS on N2ase
10/7/05 Werner Keune U. of Duisburg XOR-3 Phonons in thin films and multilayers
9/30/05 Soo-Heyong Lee U. of Michigan XOR-8 Pump-probe measurements of strain (need the exact title)
9/23/05 Xifeng Han ANL-XSD XOR-4 Time-dependent magnetization reversal measurements
9/16/05 Oleg Shpyrko ANL-CNM   Quantum critical point in antiferromagnetic Cr
9/9/05 Arthur Woll Cornell University   X-ray fluorescence confocal microscopy
9/2/05 Zahir Islam ANL-XSD XOR-4 Diffraction measurements in high magnetic fields
8/26/05 canceled-Pizza Party
8/19/05 Emily Peterson ANL XOR-7 X-ray Detection of Atomic and Molecular Alignment Effects
8/19/05 Ralf Koehn U. of Munich XOR-1  
8/12/05 Zhengwei Hu NASA XOR-2 phase contrast x-ray imaging of shuttle insulating foam
8/12/05 Joe Strzalka U. Penn CMC X-ray scattering studies of amphiphilic four-helix bundle peptides vectorially oriented at soft interfaces
8/5/05 Joe Woicik NIST    
8/5/05 Henrik Jensen Aalborg Univ. (Denmar style="display:none">k)k) XOR-1 Nanocrystals Formation by Supercooling
7/29/05 Kim, Chang Yong Northwestern U. DND-CAT X-ray standing wave imaging of metal atoms on oxide surfeces
7/29/05 Lin, Jung-Fu (Afu) Geophysics Lab. HP-CAT Iron as a new window into the Earth's core and lower mantle
7/22/05 Kang, Hyon Chol MSD/ANL BESSERC Multilayer Laue lens for hard x-ray nano focusing optics
7/22/05 Liu, Chian APS/ANL XFD/OFM Deposition of thick depth-graded multilayers for linear zone-plate applications
7/15/05 Tischler, Jon Oak Ridge Nat Lab. UNI-CAT Time-resolved surface diffraction using pulsed laser deposition
7/15/05 Twining, Ben Yale University XOR-2 Element stoichiometries of ocean plankton by x-ray fluorescence microprobe
7/8/05 Robinson, Ian UIUC UNI-CAT Coherent x-ray diffraction and effects of focusing optics
7/8/05 McNulty, Ian APS/ANL XOR-2 Fourier transform holography on nanostructures
7/1/05 Lu, Li Stanford University XOR-4 Charge-Transfer Excitations in the Model Superconductor HgBa2CuO4+δ
7/1/05 Song, Changyong UCLA XOR-2 Coherent x-ray diffraction imaging of nano-structure and biological specimen
6/24/05 John Parise Stony Brook University XOR-1 High-pressure studies with high-energy x-ray diffraction
6/24/05 Wenjun Liu UNICAT UNICAT Submicron focusing with KB-mirrors
6/17/05 Brian Collins University of NC, Chap style="display:none">el Hill XOR-2 Structural and magnetic properties of semiconductors
6/17/05 David Vaknin Ames Laboratory   Magnetoelectric effect
6/10/05 Dan Hennessy Carnegie Mellon Univer style="display:none">sity XOR-1 3D x-ray diffraction microscopy
6/10/05 Eric Dufresne APS/XFD XOR-7 Pump-probe experiments on Si and GaAs single crystals
6/3/05 Xiaobin Zuo CMD/ANL XOR-11 Solution XRD on DNA
6/3/05 Haozhe Liu Carnegie Institution HP-CAT ZnO and CdO structure under high pressure
5/27/05 Hau Wang MSD/ANL BESSRC/XOR Nanoporous film of Al2O3
5/20/05 Paul Fenter ER/ANL BESSRC/XOR Lens-less X-ray Microscopy of Interfacial Structures at < 1 Resolution
5/20/05 Don Walko XFD/ANL MHATT/XOR Ge island deposited on Si substrates
5/13/05 Wenge Yang U of Tenn. UNI-CAT Microdent studied by micro-beam
5/13/05 Jodi O'Connell Northwestern U. BESSRC/XOR wide-angle solution scattering of square molecules
5/6/05 User's Meeting
4/29/05 Peter Chupas ANL/MSD   Application of High Energy X-rays in Materials Science
4/22/05 Andreas Menzel ANL/MSD BESSRC/XOR High-Density CO Monolayers Electrosorbed on Pt(111) under Atmospheric CO Gas Pressure
4/15/05 Jerald Kavich UIC XOR-4 Surface magnetism in Managanites
4/15/05 Andrew Bayruth U of Nebraska XOR-4 Magnetism in NiO films
4/8/05 Jeff Yang Northwestern DND Origin of CO Oxidation activity in Gold catalysts
4/8/05 Julian Baumert BNL CMC Structure of Self-Assembled Monolayers in Molecular Junction
4/1/05 Ting Xui Penn State CMC-CAT Design, synthesis and characterization of artificial proteins for biomolecular materials
4/1/05 Cev Noyan Columbia   Information Volume of X-ray Diffraction Masurements
3/25/05 Yejun Feng U. of Chicago   Energy Dispersive X-ray Diffraction of Charge Density Waves via Chemical Filtering
3/25/05 Trevor Wiley LLNL UNI-CAT X-ray Absorption and Emission Studies of Diamond Nanoparticles
3/18/05 Jackie Johnson ANL DND A 2D X-ray detector made from glass
3/18/05 Ben Gilbert Univ.of Cal.-Berkley   In situ observation of nanoparticle structure during surface-driven transformations
3/11/05 Matt Kramer Ames Laboratory -CAT Measuring Anelastic Deformation in a Bulk Metallic Glass Using High Energy X-Rays
3/11/05 Tarik Saleh LANL XOR-1  
3/4/05 Vince Harris Northeastern U. XOR-4 The Role of Cation Disorder in the Magnetization of thin film ferrites
3/4/05 Arthur Motta Penn State XOR-1 Using Synchrotron Radiation to Understand Corrosion in Nuclear Fuel Cladding
2/25/05 Ed Stern U.of Washington PNC-CAT Diffuse Scattering Studies of Ferroelectroc PbTiO3
2/25/05 Lixin Fan XFD XOR-2 X-ray correlation microscopy
2/18/05 Viktor Struzhkin Geophysical Lab., Carnigie Institure style="display:none">egie Inst. Of Wash. XOR-3 NRIXS on FeO under high pressure
2/18/05 Dennis Brown NIU BESSRC Structural changes at magnetic phase transitions
2/11/05 Jennifer Jackson U.of Illinois at Urbana-Champaine style="display:none">Champaign XOR-3 SMS on (Fe,Mg)SiO3 perovskite up to 120GPa
2/11/05 Yanan Xiao XFD XOR-2 Microdiffraction studies on Pb crystals
2/4/05 Bob Scheidt Notre Dame XOR-3 Nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy on porphyrins
2/4/05 Dale Schaefer U. of Cinncinati XOR-1 Bulk properties of thin silane films
1/28/05 Yong Chu XFD/ANL XOR-2 and8 Time-resolved X-ray Diffraction Imaging of Ferroelectric Domains in BaTiO3 Single Crystals
1/21/05 Rumiana Tenchova Northwestern Univ BIO CAT/DND Cationic lipid phase behavior - importance to DNA transfection
1/14/05 Jorg Maser XFD/ANL XOR-2 and 8 Hard X-ray Nanoprobe -First Instrument Designs and Tests
1/7/05 Tom Irving IIT BIO CAT Time-resolved study of insect flight
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/31/04 Lab Shutdown
12/24/04 Lab Shutdown
12/17/04 Oleg Shpyrko Harvard ChemMetCARS X-ray Studies of Surface Freezing, Surface Adsorption in Binary Liquids and Vapor-Liquid Condensation in Nanoscale Confinement
12/17/04 Bin Li U of Connecticut UNI-CAT  
12/10/04 Tonio Buonassisi Berkeley PNC Impact of metal impurity clusters on multicrystalline silicon solar cell performance
12/10/04 Bernhard Adams APS/XFD   A high-resolution, adaptive-optic x-ray energy analyzer
12/3/04 Christian Gutt UCSD XOR-8 XPCS Experiments of soft matter surfaces
12/3/04 Kevin Righter NASA GSECARS  
11/26/04 Thanksgiving Holiday
11/19/04 Jessica Thomas BNL XOR-4 Soft x-ray scattering study of orbital and spin correlations in doped manganites
11/19/04 Stuart Stock NWU XOR-1 Using x-rays for 3D observation of fatigue cracks and their opening as a function of applied load
11/12/04 Ross Harder U. of Illinois UNI-CAT Nanometer Scale Imaging Through Coherent X-ray Diffraction
11/12/04 Mathias Loesche Johns Hopkins -CAT High resolution reflectometry of lipid model membranes
11/5/04 Bob Leheney Johns Hopkins XOR-8 Particle Scale Dynamics in an Aging Clay Suspension
11/5/04 Jong-Woo Kim Iowa St. µ-CAT-6-ID Systematics of Resonant Magnetic Scattering Intensities in RNi2Ge2
10/29/04 Juergen Thieme University of Goettinge style="display:none">n XOR-2 Spectromicroscopy on soils
10/29/04 Ron Martin University of Western style="display:none">Ontario XOR-20 Environmental Applications of SR
10/29/04 Steve Naftel University of Western style="display:none">Ontario XOR-20 Environmental Applications of SR: Anthropological Aspects
10/22/04 Karena Chapman University of Sydney XOR-1 X-ray diffraction studies on materials with negative thermal expansion coefficients
10/22/04 Ahmet Alatas APS XOR-3 IXS of hot super-cooled Si
10/15/04 Christian Schroer University of Aachen XOR-1 Focusing limits with compound refractive lenses
10/1/04 Yuegang Zhang APS XOR-1 High-energy resonant scattering studies of Pb/Bi distribution in a thermoelectric material
10/1/04 Harald Sinn APS XOR-3 Dynamics of hot liquids using IXS
9/24/04 Yanbin Wang U. of Chicago GSECARS Tomography at high pressure: chalenges and current developmets
9/17/04 Xin Liu XOR/TRR XOR-1 Ultrafast Tomography of Fuel Sprays
9/10/04 Kamel Fazza XOR-1 XOR/MHATT Time-resolved Edge-Enhanced Phase-Contrast Imaging
9/3/04 canceled -Strategic Planning Meeting
8/27/04 Yong Choi ANL-XSD XOR-4 Magnetic reflectivity and XMCD studies of twisted magnet phases in Fe/Gd
8/20/04 Ersan Ustundag Iowa St. XOR-2  
8/20/04 Simon Billinge Michigan State µ-6-ID Pair Distribution Function
8/13/04 Jerry Seidler U of Washington PNC RIXS at 20-ID
8/13/04 Ron Cavell U of Alberta PNC Hard X-ray microprobe spectroscopy of Iron Meteorites: Examples of Complex Inhomogeneous Solids
8/6/04 Wendy Mao U of Chicago XOR-3 Nuclear resonant x-ray scattering of iron hydride at high pressure
8/6/04 Edward Conrad Georgia Tech µ-CAT-6-ID X-ray Scattering Studies of Quantum Size Effect Pb Islands: Growth and Interface Structure on Si(111) 7x7
7/30/04 Miguel Castro-Colin U. Houston XOR-4 GIXS study of SiO2 layers on Si
7/30/04 Ben Ocko BNL CMC-CAT  
7/23/04 Moshe Deutsch Bar-Ilan University, Isr style="display:none">aelael CMC-CAT Breaking a perfect symmetry: The evolution of structure at liquid surfaces
7/23/04 Chinkyo Kim U. of Missouri µ-CAT-6-ID X-ray diffuse scattering study of vacancies in Ag/Ag homoepitaxial film grown at low temperature
7/16/04 David Gidalevitz IIT CMC-CAT  
7/16/04 Changyong Park ANL XOR-1 Resonant anomalous x-ray reflectivity probing elemental sub-structures of aqueous metal complexes at the mineral-water interfaces
7/9/04 Stuart Stock Northwestern Univ XOR-1 Sea Urchins
7/2/04 Slade Cargill Lehigh UNI-CAT  
7/2/04 Haiding Mo U. Missouri µ-CAT-6-ID  
6/25/04 Jiyong Zhao APS/XFD XOR-3 Phonons in Kr under high pressure
6/25/04 Linda Young ANL/CHM MHATT-CAT Pump-probe experiments on Kr
6/18/04 Ning Yang APS/XFD XOR-1 x-ray powder diffraction
6/18/04 Yinwan Li Princeton University CMC/BESSRC RIXS on cuprates
6/11/04 Oliver Tschauner UNLV HP-CAT Phase transitions in MgB2
6/11/04 Ioannis Zegkinoglou Max Planck Institute - XOR-4 Anomalous diffraction on ruthenates
6/4/04 James Kaduk Amoco COM-CAT  
6/4/04 Ercan Alp APS/XFD XOR-3  
5/28/04 Takashi Komesu U of Missouri-Rolla XOR-4 Resolved Core Level Photoemission of Ferromagnetic Thin Films
5/28/04 Zhan Zhang ANL/ER BESSRC/XOR Probing atomic scale structure at Rutile (110)-Aqueous interface with X-ray Standing Wave and Crystal Truncation Rod method
5/21/04 Keith Brister U of Chicago BioCARS High Pressure Biology at the APS
5/21/04 Dillon Fong ANL/MSD BESSRC/XOR In Situ X-Ray Studies of Ultrathin Ferroelectric Films
5/14/04 Larry Lurio NIU XOR-8/IMM Phase Separation of Liquid 3He-4He Mixtures in Aerogel 
5/7/04 APS user meeting
4/30/04 Ken Gray ANL/MSD XOR-4 Surface Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Layered Manganite Single Crystals
4/23/04 Ivana Moric APS XOR-2 Study of the role of the Mramp gene in metal transport in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
4/16/04 Sven Schroeder U. Manchaster, BESSRC Catalytically active, supported gold for low-temperature oxidation reactions: ionic or metallic
4/16/04 Richard Wilson Berkeley BESSRC  
4/9/04 Michael Kent Sandia CMC-CAT  
4/9/04 Yu Bai Stanford BESSERC  
4/2/04 Robert Suter Carnegie-Mellon XOR-1  
4/2/04 Andrew Cady APS XOR-4 Site-specific magnetism in Manganite
3/26/04 Christian Schroer Aachen XOR-7/MHATT X-ray microscopy and microanalysis with refractive x-ray lenses
3/26/04 Chong Zheng NIU XOR-1 Cage Structures: Potential Thermoelectric Application
3/19/04 Byeongdu Lee APS BESSRC Characterizations of morphological structures in thin films using grazing incidence small angle x-ray scattering
3/19/04 Zahir Islam APS XOR-4 Nanoscale inhomogeneities in yttrium barium cuprates
3/12/04 Robert McQueeny ISU/Ames Lab XOR-3 Lattice Dynamics of Plutonium
3/12/04 Chanh Tran U. Melbourne XOR-2 Synchrotron beam coherence measurement using phase-space tomography.
3/5/04 Tom Duffy Princeton Sector 13 Synchrotron radiation techniques for understanding planetary interiors
3/5/04 Agustinus Nugroho Groningen Sector 11 Magnetic and Orbital Ordering in RVO3
2/27/04 Ullrich Pietsch U of Potsdam Sector 34 Nanoengineering of lateral strain-modulation & x-ray characterization in semiconductor quantum well heterostructures.
2/27/04 Xiangyun Qiu Michigan State Sectors 1&6 Development & application of pair distribution function (PDF) technique.
2/20/04 Franz Pfeiffer Swiss Light Source Sector 34 Coherent properties of x-ray optics components.
2/20/04 Yuegang Zhang APS XOR-1 Powder diffraction & solid state NMR characterization of ambuic acid.
2/12/04 Lester Young AACF MR-CAT Metal content in arabodepsis.
2/12/04 Feng Ye BESSRL Sector 11 Structural studies of CMC materials with high energy x-rays.
2/6/04 Mark Davidson U of Florida BIO CAT Iron mineralization in neorodegeneration disorders.
2/6/04 Wladek Minor   SBC-CAT How fast does structural genomix data affect the consumer.
1/30/04 Yuncheng Zhong XFD/ANL XOR-2BM X-ray topography study of single crystal diamond
1/23/04 Spencer Anderson U of Chicago BioCARS Time-resolved Laue cystallography of Photoactive Yellow Protein
1/16/04 Vijaya Tirumala XFD/ANL XOR-2 Controlling polymer chain growth: a new paradigm
1/9/04 Ward Lopes U of Chicago XOR-8 Self-Assembled nanostructures on di-copolymer thin film templates
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
1/2/04 Lab shutdown
12/26/03 Lab shutdown
12/19/03 Tim Graber U of Chicago ChemMetCARS Time-resolved cystallography
12/19/03 Gloria Borgstahl U of Nebraska BioCARS Towards the Structure Determination of a Modulated Protein Crystal: A Semicrystalline State of Profilin:Actin
12/12/03 John Fulton PNNL PNC XAFS and MD-XAFS Studies of Ion-Water and Ion-Ion Structures from Ambient to Supercritical Conditions
12/12/03 Mark Sutton McGill IMM Dynamics studies with coherent x-rays
12/5/03 Christie Nelson BNL XOR-4 Orbital ordering in ruthenates
12/5/03 Takeshi Egami ORNL UNI-CAT Scattering and spectroscopy
11/28/03 Thanksgiving Holiday
11/21/03 Hawoong Hong UNI-CAT UNI-CAT Quantum Size effects on Pb/Si films
11/21/03 Jun Cui U. Maryland XOR-2 Combinatorial exploration of perfect shape memory alloys
11/14/03 Yixi Su Juelich Research Center-Germany µ-CAT-6-ID The orbital ordering in ferromagnetic insulating manganites
11/14/03 Alexis Templeton Scripps GSECARS Microbial Dissolution of Volcanic Glasses
11/7/03 Jon Hanson BNL XOR-1 High Energy in situ diffraction of Metal Oxides: Parallel Bragg Peak and Radial Distribution Refinements
11/7/03 Bob Von Dreele XFD/IPNS XOR-1 Protein Powder Diffraction
10/31/03 Yue Meng HP-CAT HP-CAT Inelastic x-ray scattering study of cubic BN under high pressure
10/31/03 John Curry NIST XOR-1 Characterization of arc-lamps with high energy x-ray fluorescence
10/24/03 Michael Hu HP-CAT XOR-3 Determination of Sound Velocities by Nuclear Resonant Inelastic Scattering
10/24/03 Kirsten Genson Iowa St. µ-CAT-6-ID Dendritic and branched macromolecules studied by grazing incidence x-ray scattering
10/17/03 Edward Peltier University of Delaware   Trace Metal Speciation of Ni in soils
10/17/03 Steven Conradson LLNL   Local Structure in actinide compounds
10/10/03 Catherine Dillon University of Sydney   Genotoxicity of Cr
10/10/03 Reet Callens Catholic University of Leuven XOR-3 Heterodyne Detection of Mossbauer Spectrum with time differential synchrotron radiation scattering
10/3/03 Wolfgang Sturhahn XFD XOR-3 Nuclear Resonant Inelastic X-ray scattering at high extreme pressure and temperatures
9/26/03 Ning Lei U. of Chicago BioCARS Non-Bragg scattering from substitution disorder in biocrystals
9/19/03 Xuefa Li XFD XOR Surface orientation of polymer thin films
9/12/03 Martin Holt McGill UNI X-ray studies of lattice dynamics
9/5/03 Bernhard Adams XFD XOR/MHATT High-resolution bend-crystal analyzer
8/29/03 Julie Cross U of Washington PNC-CAT DAFS on multilayers
8/22/03 N. Hosoito Nara Institute of Technology XOR-4 Resonant Magnetic reflectivity studies on Dy/Fe and Ge/Fe multilayers
8/22/03 Christof Rau NIST UNI-CAT Microtomography
8/15/03 Wei-Jen Tang U of Chicago SBC, BioCAR A roadmap to kill anthrax
8/15/03 Weinyi Cai XFD XOR-1 Time-resolved and Quantitative Characterization of Highly Transient Gasoline Sprays by X-radiography
8/8/03 Paul Hubbard U of Wisconsin BioCAR The Crystal Structure and Catalytic Mechanism of a Bacterial 2, 4 - Dienoyl CoA Reductase
8/8/03 Valentin Iota LLNL XOR-4 High pressure studies of transition metals
8/1/03 Ilya Koltover   DND Self assembled liquid crystalline phases of genetically engineered polymers
8/1/03 Ben Gilbert U of California BESSRC A surface-driven structural transition in ZnS nanoparticles
7/26/03 Hungjung Kim Sogang U. (Korea) IMM Surface dynamics of polymer films
7/26/03 Colleen Costello Northwestern Univ DND Using XANES to Understand the Origin of Catalytic Acitivty: Supported Gold Catalysts
7/19/03 Elliot Specht ORNL UNI High-temperature measurement of growth stress in alumina scale
7/19/03 Randy Alkire SBC-CAT SBC Impact of the Beam Stop on Data Collection Strategies at the Synchrotron
7/11/03 Todd Hufnagel Johns Hopkins XOR-1 Structure-property relationships in metallic-glass matrix composites formed by in situ processing
7/11/03 Brent Heuser U. of Illinois UNI H Phase Behavior in Epitax Nb Films
7/4/03 July 4 Holiday
6/27/03 Caroline L'abbe Catholic U of Leuven XOR-3 Nuclear resonant scattering studies of thin film magnetism.
6/27/03 Tabbetha Dobbins NIST Sector 33 Ultra small angle scattering of metal oxide/DNA composites.
6/20/03 Marie-Louise Saboun style="display:none">gigi ESRF   Microscopic structure of liquids.
6/20/03 Steve Heald PNC-CAT PNC-CAT EXAFS
6/13/03 Branton Campbell Brigham Young Univ Sector 12 Polaronic structures via diffuse x-ray and neutron scattering.
6/13/03 Tatyana Paunesku Northwestern Univ Sector 5 Biology and Chemistry of T:Oxygen-DNA nano composites
6/6/03 Stephane Grenier Brookhaven CMC-CAT Elastic and inelastic resonant x-ray scattering studies of mongonites
6/6/03 Peter Nico Cal State U GSECARS BM Atmospheric transformations of chromium species on aerosol nano-particles.
5/30/03 Yang Ren APS BESSRC Interplay between spin, orbit and lattice in vanadium perovskite-revisiting LaVO3
5/30/03 Jeff Fortner ANL/CMT MR-CAT XAS Measurements on Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel
5/23/03 Zahirul Islam APS XFD-PSG Competing/Coexisting Phases in High-Temperature Superconductors
5/16/03 Tijana Rajh ANL/Chem   Healing of Nanoparticle Surface: Opportunity for Nanoparticle Crosstalk
5/9/03 Tom Toellner APS-XSD-IXS XFD-HRXS High resolution monochromatization
5/2/03 Jonathan Lang APS-XSD-MM XOR-4 Chiral domain imaging
4/25/03 Ning Yang Iowa St./APS XOR-1 Spontaneous Magnetostriction in Rare Earth- 3d Metals Compounds, R2Fe14B and R2Fe17
4/18/03 Wen-li Wu NIST CMC Metrology for next generation integrated circuits using small angle scattering
4/18/03 Chi-Chang Kao BNL XOR-4 Volume Collapse Transition in Praseodymium - High Pressure X-ray Spectroscopy
4/11/03 Ilia Denisov U. of Illinois DND Self-Assembled Protein-Lipid Nanodisks, a SAXS Study
4/11/03 Yao Lin U. Mass. XOR-1 Nanoparticles at Liquid-liquid interfaces: assembly, displacement, transport and crosslinking
4/4/03 Lyle Levine NIST UNI USAXS Imaging, a New X-ray Window for Materials Science
4/4/03 Michael Feser Stony Brook XOR-2 Retrieval of Specimen Amplitude and Phase in Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy Using a Segmented Detector
3/28/03 John Freeland APS-XSD-MM XOR-4 Induced Spin Polarization at Transition Metal/Semiconductor Interface
3/28/03 Jyotsana Lal IPNS IMMW Preliminary Results of Interface Dynamics of Polymer Bilayers
3/21/03 Zhi-Jie (James) Liu U of Georgia, Athens NE-CAT Crystal Structure Deetermination Using In-House Chrmium X-ray Source
3/21/03 Peter Chupas SUNY-Stony Brook XOR-1 Application of Time Resolved PDF Measurements to Structural Studies in Catalysis
3/14/03 Graeme Wyllie U of Notre Dame XOR Nuclear Vibration Spectroscopy of Iron Model compounds
3/14/03 Richard Harlow Harlow, Inc. DND & COM Powder Diffraction with Multi (detection analyzer) Set up at COM
3/7/03 Sabastian Boutet U of I, UC UNI Protein Crystallization
3/7/03 Zachary Levine NIST XOR Imaging Chips
2/28/03 Denton Ebel American Museum of Natural History GSE Microtomography of the First Rocks Formed in the Solar System
2/28/03 Mark Sutton McGill IMM Coherent diffraction
2/21/03 Vadim Cherezov Ohio State XOR-2 Mechanism of crystallizing membrane proteins in cubic mesophases
2/21/03 T. Koga SUNY-Stony Brook IMM X-ray and neutron scattering from soft condensed matter
2/14/03 Jung-Fu Lin Carnegie XOR-3 Alloying Effect of Silicon and Nickel on Iron in the Earth's Core
2/14/03 Andrew Peele Melbourne XOR-2 Observation of an x-ray vortex
2/7/03 David Keavney APS XOR-4 PEEM studies of magnetic dot arrays
2/7/03 Paul Evans U of Wisconsin MHATT Microdiffraction from Ferroelectrics
1/31/03 Andrei Tkachuk APS UNI X-ray diffuse scattering studies of "hidden" phase transition in PMN relaxor ferroelectric
1/31/03 Ivan Kuzmenko CMC CMC-9 Surface studies of lipid membranes at the air-liquid interface lipid membranes at the air-liquid interface
1/24/03 Changyong Park ANL MR-CAT Structure of Fluorapatite (100) - Water Interface by High-Resolution X-ray Reflectivity
1/24/03 Ulrich Lienert APS XOR-1 Observation of High-Resolution Diffraction Profiles from Single Grains within Polycrystalline Metals
1/17/03 Youngchang Kim ANL SBC Structure of a Protein with a knot
1/17/03 Yong Chu APS SRI-2  
1/10/03 Daniel Haskel APS-XSD-MM SRI-4 Surface induced inhomogeneous magnetic state in Fe/Gd artificial ferrimagnet
1/3/03 Lab shutdown
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/27/02 Lab shutdown
12/20/02 Ian McNulty APS SRI-2 Effect of Absorption Edges on X-ray Speckle Contrast
12/20/02 Bernhard Adams APS SRI-1/MHATT Parametric Down Conversion of X-Rays
12/13/02 Mark Foster U. of Akron SRI-1 Effect of Tethering on Polymer Physics
12/13/02 John Budai ORNL UNI/ MHATT Looking Inside Real Materials using 3-D Submicron Laue X-Ray Diffraction
12/6/02 Peter Abamonte Cornell   How Can We Locate Holes in Copper-Oxide Superconductors?
12/6/02 Erics Isaacs Lucent UNI Meta-materials for RF
11/29/02 Thanksgiving holiday
11/22/02 Thanksgiving holiday
11/15/02 Ashfia Huq SUNY-Stony Brook -CAT Synchrotron Radiation and Pharmaceuticals
11/15/02 Joerg Strempfer Max Planck Institute - Stutgart >µ-CAT-6-ID High Energy Magnetic X-ray Diffraction from Transition Metal Fluorides
11/8/02 Yizhak Yacoby Hebrew University (Israel) MHATT Direct determination of the structure of epitaxial films and their interface with the substrate
11/8/02 Phil Ryan ANL/APS SRI-4 Magnetic study of thin magnetic films on Semiconductor materials
11/1/02 Brian Newbury Lehigh SRI-1  
11/1/02 Jorg Maser ANL/APS SRI-2  
10/25/02 Ivan Vartaniants U. of Illinois UNI  
10/25/02 Jaroslaw Majewski LANL CMC  
10/18/02 Oleg Shpyrko Harvard CMC X-ray Study of the Liquid Potassium Surface: Structure and Capillary Wave Excitations
10/18/02 Dick Harlow Harlow, Inc.    
10/11/02 Gabriela Gonzalez NWU DND Defect Structure Studies of Indium-Tin Oxide Using X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction
10/11/02 Harold Sinn ANL/APS SRI-3  
10/4/02 Steve Heald PNC PNC  
10/4/02 Millie Firestone ANL    
9/27/02 Larry Lurio NIU IMM X-ray Surface Diffuse Scattering from Polymer Film
9/27/02 Ahmed Mirza IIT BIO CAT SAXA Studies of Plasminogen
9/20/02 David Paterson ANL/APS SRI Soft X-ray Microscopy at 2-ID
9/20/02 Andrzej Joachimiak Bio SBC The Crystal Structure of Pheromone-binding Transcription Factor TraR
9/13/02 Canceled
9/6/02 Canceled
8/30/02 Canceled
8/23/02 Canceled
8/16/02 Chian Liu ANL/APS   Multilayer Deposition
8/16/02 Martin de Jonge U. of Melbourne SRI-2  
8/9/02 Sunny Sinha UCSD SRI-4 Lattice Deformations in High Tc Superconductors
8/9/02 David Vaknin Ames Lab µ-CAT-6-ID Structural Studies of Biomimemtic Membranes
8/2/02 Byron Quinn Okla. State U IMCA Studies of Micochondrial BC1 Comples
8/2/02 Michael McKelvy ASU GSE Developing a Mechanistic Understanding of Serpentine Mineral Carbonation Reaction Processes: Facilitating the Engineering of Lower Cost CO2 Sequestrations
7/26/02 Thomas Brueckel Julich Research Center, Germany µ-CAT-6-ID Resonant X-ray Scattering: The Colorful Palette of Magnetism
7/26/02 T. K. Sham Western Ontario PNC Some Recent X-ray Studies at PNC CAT: From Nanostructures to Hemochromatosis
7/19/02 Sam Jiang MSD SRI-4 Topics on exchange-coupled magnetic systems
7/19/02 Peter Falus Yale IMM Dynamics of polymer vesicles studied with a new high speed camera
7/12/02 Richard Rosenberg ANL/APS SRI Surface Photochemistry Induced by X-ray Irradiation.
7/12/02 Cev Noyan IBM SRI  
6/28/02 Sam Bader MSD/CNM **** Overview of the Center for Nanoscale Materials
6/28/02 Cahit Karanfil IIT MR X-ray Beam Cleaner: A practical device for selecting and rejecting harmonics from x-ray beams
6/21/02 Suresh Narayanan ANL/APS SRI-1BM Real-time In-Plane Diffusion of Au Nanoparticles in Polymers
6/21/02 Paul Evans Lucent SRI-2 Imaging Domains in Solid Materials with x-ray microdiffraction
6/14/02 Uwe Bergmann UC Davis/LBL SRI-3 Inelastic X-ray Scattering and Electronic Excitations: New Spectroscopic Studies of Metalloproteins & Water
6/14/02 Joe Strzalka U of Penn CMC Resonant Reflectivity at the Air/Water Interface
6/7/02 Grant Bunker IIT BioCAT Advances in XAFS on Biological and Environmental Systems
6/7/02 Melissa Denecke Karlsruhle   Grazing Incidence X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Investigations of Metal Cations Sorbed onto Surfaces
5/31/02 Stephan Rosenkranz ANL/MSD SRI/ BESSRC Colossal magnetoresistance in layered manganites: competing spin, charge and lattice correlations
5/31/02 Mike Neylon ANL/CMT MR-CAT "Redox Properties of Cu-ZSM-5 Determined by In-Situ XAFS Analysis"
5/10/02 Ian McNulty ANL/APS SRI-2 Effect of absorption edges on x-ray speckle contrast
5/10/02 Vic Maroni ANL MR High temperature superconductor embodiments using x-ray diffraction techniques
5/3/02 Jason Hodges ANL IPNS POWGEN3 : A High-Resolution Third Generation Powder Diffractometer at the US Spallation Neutron Source
4/26/02 Judy Pang ORNL UNI Metallurgical development in inertia welded Ni superalloy
4/26/02 Gloria Borgstahl U. of Toledo BioCAR Fine Structures: The exploitation of fine phi slicing with parallel, monochromatic synchrotron radiation
4/19/02 Yuegang Zhang UPD SRI-1 Resonant Synchrotron Powder Diffraction Studies of Some Type-IThermoelectric Clathrates
4/19/02 Peggy O'Day ASU CARS Minerals, microbes, and microtomography on the fringe of the biosphere
4/12/02 Mark Westneat Field Museum SRI-1 A new view of insect biomechanics: phase-enhance x-ray imaging to study insect respiration and feeding.
4/12/02 Dan J. Sordelet Ames Lab mu-CAT Devitrification of Bulk Metallic Glasses
4/5/02 Young S. Lee MIT SRI-4 The dual life of a high Tc superconductor
4/5/02 Peter Lay U of Sydney SRI-2 Using a Synchrotron X-Ray Microprobe for Probing Biological Samples
3/30/02 Steve Pratt ANL SRI-2 Microtomography of modern and fossil eggshell fragments
3/30/02 Caroline L'Abbe SRI SRI-3 A new tool for depth-selective magnetization measurements
3/23/02 Anton Stanpfl ASRP SRI Synchrotron Excursions Into The Past
3/23/02 Andy Howard IIT IMCA Automation in Crystallography - What Good is it?
3/15/02 Peter Wochner MPI/Stut. SRI-4 Coupling between lattice distortions and magnetism in LaSrMnO thin films
3/15/02 Anup K. Gangopadhy Washington U St. Louis mu-CAT Containerless Processing of High Temperature Alloys in the Liquid and Undercooled State and Study by in-situ X-ray Diffraction.
3/8/02 Didier Wermeille mu-CAT mu-CAT Magnetic structure determination in Gadolinium compounds using x-ray resonant exchange scattering
3/8/02 Art Baddorf ORNL CMC A New Structure for an Old Magnet – We Hope
3/1/02 Ian Robinson U of I UNI Coherent X-ray Diffraction for Imaging Strains
3/1/02 Doon Gibbs BNL CMC Resonant Charge Order Scattering in Manganites
2/22/02 Daniel Haskel ANL/APS SRI-4 Using circularly-polarized x-rays to study the magnetic structure of Gd/Fe multilayers
2/22/02 Shinya Hosokawa Philipps U. of Marburg SRI-3 Phonon dynamics of liquid Si and Ge investigated by inelastic x-ray scattering
2/15/02 Arthur Motta Penn State SRI-2BM Microstructure of zirconium alloys and oxides
2/15/02 Brandon Chapman U of Wash. PNC Diffuse Scattering Studies of Ferroelectroc PbTiO3
2/8/02 Z. Cai ANL/APS SRI-2 X-ray Microdiffraction Images of Antiferromagnetic Domain Evolution in Chromium
2/8/02 D. Londano DuPont DND SAXS in polymers
2/1/02 Stefan Vogt ANL/APS SRI-2ID Analysis of 2D X-ray fluorescence maps of biomedical samples using principal component and cluster analysis.
2/1/02 E. Dufresne U of Mich MHATT Li refractive optics
1/25/02 Young-chang Kim BIO SBC Argonne's Structural Genomics Program and structure of IclR repressor"
1/25/02 Jerry F. Moore MSD BESSRC Understanding Liquid Aluminum Oxidation by In-Situ X-ray Diffraction and Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
12/6/01 B. Stephenson MSD BESSRC In Situ X-ray Scattering Studies of Vapor-Phase Epitaxy of PbTiO3
12/6/01 J. Kropf CMT MR-CAT In Situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Intermetallic Electrodes for Lithium Batteries
11/30/01 Francesco DeCarlo APS-XFD SRI-2BM Micro-tomography at 2bm
11/30/01 David Keavney APS-XFD SRI-4 X-ray reflectivity of magnetic tunnel junctions
11/16/01 David Cookson ASRP Chem/Mat A high-throughput SAXS facility at ChemMatCARS-CAT
11/16/01 Fusao Takusagawa U. of Kansas SBC Dynamical Catalysis in Methyl Cycle Enzymes
11/9/01 Yong Chu ANL/APS SRI-2BM Surface X-ray Diffraction Study at the Ruthenium Dioxide/Water Interface
11/9/01 Paul Heiney U Penn CMC Langmuir Films of Dendrimers
11/2/01 Paul Fenter ANL/ER SRI/ BESSRC Resolving Mineral Dissolution Mechanisms: Structures, Processes, Kinetics and Energetics
11/2/01 Pedro Zambianchi ANL/APS   Numerical simulations of dynamically diffracted ultrashort x-ray free-electron laser pulses
10/26/01 S. Stock NWU SRI-1 Sea Urchins Have Teeth?
10/26/01 B. Adams ANL/APS SRI Picosecond Laser-Pump X-ray Probe Spectr. of GaAs
10/19/01 Phil Ryan ANL/APS SRI-4 Interface Bonding for Fe Thin Films on GaAs Surfaces of Differing Morphology
10/19/01 John Okasinski NWU DND/ BESSRC Study of the LowTemperature Phase Transition for 1/3 Monolayer of Pb on Ge(111)
10/5/01 Jan Kmetko NWU SRI Controlled Crystallization under Langmuir Monolayers--The Initial Stages
10/5/01 Steven Weigand NWU DND The Quality of Protein MAD Data Collected During Top-Up Operating Mode at the APS
9/21/01 W.-K. Lee ANL/APS SRI-1 Phase Contrast Imaging
9/21/01 Zahirul Islam ANL/APS SRI-1&4 H.E.X-ray Diffraction of YBCO Superconductors
6/29/01 Jin Wang ANL/APS SRI-1BM X-ray Image of Fuel Sprays
6/29/01 Gerry Seidler U of Wash PNC Sandpiles/Strings/Curved Space - Advances in microtomography
6/22/01 John Hill BNL CMC  
6/15/01 Jeanne Stuckley U of Mich IMCA  
6/15/01 Alan Goldman Ames/Iowa -CAT  
6/8/01 Efim Gluskin ANL/APS ------- SASE at the LEUTL
6/8/01 Don Gemmel ANL/Phy SRI-1ID Search for X-ray Induced Accelerated Nuclear Decay
6/1/01 Ben Ocko BNL CMC Liquid Metals
6/1/01 Tim Sage Northeastern U SRI Inelastic X-ray Scattering from Myoglobin
5/25/01 David Patterson ASRP SRI-2ID Coherence
5/25/01 unknown      
5/18/01 Pam Focia NWU DND Protein Crystallography
5/18/01 Joseph Brunzelle NWU DND Protein Crystallography
5/11/01 Ercan Alp ANL/APS SRI-3 Normal Incidence Diffraction (NID)
5/11/01 Sergey Korolev ANL/Bio SBC Structural Genomics Studies
5/4/01 Kamel Fazza ANL/APS SRI-1 X-ray Interferometry
5/4/01 Lin Chen ANL/Chem BESSRC Time-Resolved Studies of Chemical Reactions
4/27/01 Lynn. Soderholm ANL/Chem BESSRC  
4/27/01 Gayle. Woloschak ANL/Bio SRI Introduction of Ti Nanoparticles into Cells
4/20/01 Jon Tischler ORNL UNI Pulsed Laser Growth Studies
4/20/01 Steve Sutton U of Chicago CARS Environmental Studies using SR
4/13/01 Diego Casa ANL/APS CMC Colossal Magnetoresistance in Magantites
4/13/01 Steve Southworth ANL/Chem BESSRC X-ray Science on Atoms and Molecules
4/6/01 Rodney Guico NWU SRI-1BM X-ray Standing Waves in Polymers
4/6/01 Ralu Divan ANL/APS SRI MEMS
3/30/01 Marcus Schwoerer Carnegie HP Excitons in Solid He
3/30/01 Vukica Srajer U of Chicago CARS Time-resolved Protein Crystallography
3/23/01 John Quintana NWU DND Stroboscopic Studies of Ferroelectrics
3/23/01 Andy Howard IIT IMCA Structural Genomics at an Industrial Beamline