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X-ray Spectroscopy Special Interest Group (SIG) - High Energy Resolution Spectroscopy Program at NSLS II

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Hybrid: 435/C010 and Virtual
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Eli Stavitski, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Yanna Chen and Mary Upton
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11:00 a.m.

The field of high-energy resolution X-ray spectroscopy is experiencing rapid expansion, driven by advancements in detector efficiency and the high flux of modern synchrotron light sources. Ever-increasing measurement speed and availability of the instruments accelerates adoption across various scientific disciplines traditionally reliant on X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Recently, we commissioned a 5-crystal Johann-type spectrometer at the Inner Shell Spectroscopy beamline at NSLS II. This presentation will discuss the technical design, mechanics, and control software of the spectrometer. We will provide benchmarking results for several high-energy resolution techniques and compare them with similar instruments elsewhere. We well delve into the alignment procedure using elastic and fluorescence photons, exploring the impact of different scatterer materials. Finally, the spectrometer's fly scanning capabilities, enabling exceptionally rapid data acquisition will be highlighted.

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