The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Responses to Miscellaneous Requests

APS Enable Request Call on-call Floor Coordinator
Beamline EPS (BLEPS) Trip Refer user to beamline staff*. The on-call Floor Coordinator does not need to be notified in the off-hours as they would also refer them to beamline staff.  Please provide a beamline contact if the user does not have numbers available: Beamline Contacts List
Beam steering request Execute steering per MCR procedure; notify user; document in shift log.
Building issue (e.g. water leak) Call FMS on-call at 4-1001
Call from security re: access for unbadged user Call Linda Carlson at 630-960-3790
Cardkey request See training binder
Chemical spill User or MCR call 911
Computer problem: beamline (e.g. log-in, data collection) Refer user to beamline staff*
Computer problem: network (e.g. no internet access) Call IT on-call
Detector Pool requests The user must arrange all detector requests with Detector Pool personnel.  If necessary, refer the user to the Detector Pool on-call pager, 2-9490. If the user needs access to the 431Z020 laboratory, go to the 431 FC office, unlock the office lockbox, and retrieve the key on fob number 40.  Unlock the door for the user and allow them to retrieve the equipment they need. Lock the lab door when they are done and return the lab key to the 431 FC office lockbox.  No verification is needed to allow access to the DP laboratory in the off hours.
Dry Ice Request Call on-duty maintenance mechanic for access to APCF building 440, or ANL-FD for off-hours access
ID Gap not responding, no access Call ID systems personnel on-call
Injury User or MCR call 911
Liquid Nitrogen Distribution System (LNDS)

If the 0101 pager receives a page from the LNDS for LOW LEVEL, call Andy Stevens immediately.If the 0101 pager receives a page from the LNDS for DEWARPRESSURE, TEMP, or USAGERATE, consult the LNDS_Top.adl control screen.Monitor the alarming PV every five minutes.In most cases the system will revert to normal operating conditions.If the PV is still in alarm after 20 minutes, call Andy Stevens.

Andy's contact information is:


Open labyrinth User must wait until Floor Coordinator is on-site. In case of emergency, notify on-call FC.
Open office or lab (user locked out) Refer user to beamline staff* or ANL-FD, 2-6131
PSS Fault Call on-call Floor Coordinator
PSS Warning There is no action required.  Users are still able to run with a PSS Warning (The PSS notification text may come through as a "Warning Fault" or "WARN FAULT". This is not a PSS Fault and you will see the FE shutter still open if you verify using on EPICS).  Notify the on-duty Floor Coordinator of the PSS Warning at the next shift exchange.
Suspicious odor User or MCR call 911
*User needs phone number for beamline staff. Access call-in list to assist user in finding a phone number: Beamline Contacts List