The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS-EFOG Meeting Minutes - 05/22/2017

Attendees: Bruce Glagola, Bruno Fieramosca, Clay White, Wendy VanWingeren, Dean Wyncott, Nena Moonier, Shane Flood, George Srajer, and Patti Pedergnana

George Srajer

  • Stephen Streiffer, Denny Mills, the Division Directors and George met to look at projects.  They decided that Bruce can post a position description for one new Floor Coordinator.
  • George asked that Wendy or Patti attend Julie Cross’ committee meetings.
  • George spoke with Jeff Toeller about adding values to the document ID system.

Bruce Glagola

  • The Pre-Run Briefing will be on Tuesday, May 30th, at 1:30 p.m. in the 438 conference room.  Walk-throughs need to be completed before taking any holiday time off this coming weekend.
  • Bruce reminded the group to complete Dayforce for this week by Tuesday, 5/23, at noon.

Clay White

  • IH swipes found lead contamination at 9-ID and 10-BM after the mini-hutches were moved.  The MOM group was wiping the area down with an Alconox solution.  Custodial may perform a better scrub on the floors.
  • Central Shop’s cost of labyrinth fabrication and installation is $6,600 total, $4,000 for fabrication and $2,600 for installation.

Dean Wyncott

  • 35-BM’s walk-through is complete with CCCL posted and the AR reviewed.
  • 33-ID’s new roof labyrinth is installed and will need a HP type C survey upon start up.

Patti Pedergnana

  • 16-BM-D’s door work is underway.  The parts were machined and re-installed. 

Shane Flood

  • 22-ID’s work is done, with rails removed and S&A verification complete.

Nena Moonier

  • The bio-safety cabinets will be certified on Thursday or Friday this week.

Bruno Fieramosca

  • Bruno is taking over the maintenance and calibration of the ozone monitors from Alex Deriy.
  • Bruno is adding another MSA flammability detector to 7-BM-B.
  • 4-ID-C will need an extended HP type C survey upon start up.
  • Bruno gave the group an ESAF procedure overview.  The group discussed the common ways the procedure is performed and ESAFs entered into the database.