The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS-UES Meeting Minutes - 03/06/2017

Attendees: Bruce Glagola, Wendy VanWingeren, Clay White, Shane Flood, and Patti Pedergnana

Bruce Glagola

Bruce reminded the group to start their dewar inspections.

Patti Pedergnana

Jeff Toeller would like requests to add gas cylinder cages to the gas yards to go through the space committee.

Wendy VanWingeren

There was a Work Request entered for the addition of supplemental shielding next to the 4-ID-A collimator.  Clay explained that there was a discrepancy found in the 4-ID Ray Traces, explaining why this addition was to be made.  There was minimal information shared with the group on the change.  There was no approval memo for the new installation.  There was no CCWP devised for the installation and work was found completed right after the WR was approved.

Clay White

Clay said that the scissors lift is leaking hydraulic fluid.  It needs a maintenance check through National Lift Truck and Ed Russell is looking into arranging this maintenance.