The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS-UES Meeting Minutes - 10/10/2016

Attendees: Bruce Glagola, Bruno Fieramosca, Nena Moonier, Dean Wyncott, and Patti Pedergnana

Bruce Glagola

  • Bruce congratulated the group on a great 2016-3 Run start up.
  • There were beam availability and network issues over the weekend.
  • Maintenance Mondays start today.  Bruno will attend 431, Patti 433, and Dean 438.

Dean Wyncott

  • MOM and SI are investigating 32-ID’s shutter warnings.
  • Dean is going to meet with Zhan Zhang at 33-ID to gather information about installing a LN2 deck on top of the A station.  He will inquire with Central Shops on doing the job.

Patti Pedergnana

  • Patti reminded the group to follow up on their HP type C start up surveys.