The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS-UES Meeting Minutes - 10/20/2015

Attendees: Clay White, Nena Moonier, Bruno Fieramosca, Shane Flood, Wendy VanWingeren, and Patti Pedergnana

Nena Moonier

  • Paul Kearns reported that the number of injuries in the last quarter has increased.  We discussed routine activities we participate in and the possible hazards involved.
  • The number of experiments and publications from this year to next are close to the same or lower.
  • There is a BSL-2 brain experiment starting the week of Thanksgiving.  Wendy and Bruno will run through Nena’s set up checklist.

Clay White

  • There have been contractors working at the APS without a Work Project Checklist or Job Safety Analysis.  Clay is going to write up a letter to APS residents to relay requirements for bringing an outside contractor on site.

Patti Pedergnana

  • The MOM-Water group is going to change a RSS stop water lines from stainless and copper to flex lines today.  Patti will process a CCWP.

Wendy VanWingeren

  • 2-ID-D starts radioactive samples at 0800 tomorrow, 11-ID-B starts at 0815, and 16-ID-D possibly starts at 0900.  Wendy has the pager and needs rad experiment set up assistance.
  • The men’s washroom in building 435 has been ransacked almost every day for the last couple of weeks.

Bruno Fieramosca

  • Bruno is testing several multi-gas monitors today.