The Advanced Photon Source
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Conference and Workshop Reports

Workshop Reports

Evolution and Control of Complexity: Key Experiments Using Sources of Hard X-rays---A Report of a Workshop held October 11-13, 2010, ANL-13/11

Workshop on Biological Science Opportunities Provided by the APS Upgrade, August 20-21, 2018, ANL-19/04

Workshop to Identify Opportunities in Biological and Environmental Research Uniquely Enabled by the APS Upgrade, August 28-29, 2018, ANL-19/23

JACoW Accelerator Conferences

The proceedings for the following conference series can be found on the JACoW Accelerator Conferences Website. All proceedings on the JACoW site are searchable by author, title, keyword, or full text.

  • ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshops on
    • Hi-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams
    • Energy Recovery Linacs
    • Electron Cloud Physics
    • High Luminosity e+e- Factories
    • High Luminosity Circular e+e– Colliders
    • High Luminosity Circular e+e- Colliders – Higgs Factory
    • Future Light Sources
  • APAC conferences
  • BIW conferences
  • COOL conferences
  • CYCLOTRONS conferences
  • DIPAC conferences
  • ECRIS conferences
  • EPAC conferences
  • FEL conferences
  • HIAT conferences
  • IBIC conferences
  • ICALEPCS conferences
  • ICAP conferences
  • IPAC conferences
  • LINAC conferences
  • MEDSI conferences
  • NA-PAC conferences
  • PAC conferences
  • PCaPAC conferences
  • RuPAC conferences
  • SAP conferences
  • SRF Workshops