The Advanced Photon Source
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Workshop on IDs for Future Light Sources, ID23


The 2023 Workshop on Insertion Devices for Future Light Sources, ID23, was held Sept. 25-27, 2023, at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab. A total of over 180 attendees participated in the workshop, which was held in a hybrid format. Of the attendees, 103 were registered to attend remotely using Zoom. There were 32 technical presentations, with 13 given in person and 19 given by remote speakers. The speakers represented over 18 major light source facilities, universities, and industry partners from around the world.

The topics covered in the 32 presentations included:

  • (1) Overviews of IDs at a few facilities, including conventional permanent-magnet IDs
  • (2) Superconducting undulators (SCUs)
  • (3) Measurement and tuning of IDs
  • (4) Industry collaboration, simulation analysis, and other

The organization of the talks roughly followed these topics, with Topic (1) divided between Monday and Tuesday mornings, Topic (2) on Monday afternoon, Topic (3) on Tuesday afternoon, and Topic (4) interspersed as time allowed.

The final part of the workshop, on Wednesday morning, was devoted to short summaries of groups of related presentations (given by the session chairs), followed by an open discussion that included both in-person and remote attendees.

The Proceedings compilation includes the presentation slides of the speakers where not precluded by confidentiality issues.

The following table includes the presentation slides, video zoom recordings of many of the presentations, except for cases precluded by technical, confidentiality, licensing, or other issues.

September 25, 2023, Monday
MON_00OpeningJohn Byrd - APSSlidesVideo
MON_01Introduction, Goals of the WorkshopLaurent Chapon - ANL PSCSlidesVideo
MON_02High-Performance and Cost-Effective In-Vacuum UndulatorsTakashi Tanaka - RIKENSlidesVideo
MON_03Re-commissioning and Operation of the ESRF IDs After the EBS ShutdownReine Versteegen - ESRFSlidesVideo
MON_04Insertion Device Development at the Advanced Photon SourceJoseph Xu - APSSlidesVideo
MON_05New Compact, Modular In-Vacuum Undulator with Magnetic Force CompensationThomas Schmidt - PSISlidesVideo
MON_06Operating Experience of the Insertion Devices in Pohang Accelerator LaboratoryTaekyun Ha - PAL-XFELSlidesVideo
MON_07Commissioning and Operation of the European XFEL IDsSuren Karabekyan - XFELSlidesVideo
MON_08An Afterburner for FLASH2: Development of an APPLE-III Undulator with Magnetic Force CompensationMarkus Tischer - DESYSlidesVideo
MON_09SCU Activities at European XFELSara Casalbuoni - XFELSlidesVideo
MON_10Superconducting Undulators at the Advanced Photon SourceYury Ivanyushenkov - APSSlidesVideo
MON_11HTS Undulators for Compact Free-Electron Lasers Compared to Today's SCUsSebastian Richter - PSISlidesVideo
MON_12Superconducting Undulators for the Future Free-Electron LasersDinh Nguyen - SLACSlidesVideo
MON_13Superconducting Insertion Devices in Industry: From Development to MarketAchim Hobl - Bilfinger NoellSlidesVideo
MON_14Towards Small Period, High-Field SCUs: Nb3Sn and HTSIbrahim Kesgin - APSSlidesVideo
MON_15Overview of Superconducting Undulators for the APS UpgradeEthan Anliker - APSSlidesVideo
MON_16Recent Progress in HTS Magnet Technology for Particle AcceleratorSeungyong Hahn - Seoul National UniversitySlidesVideo
September 26, 2023, Tuesday
TUE_01Helical-8 Undulator for Circular/Linear Polarization with Low Heat LoadTakashi Tanaka - RIKENSlidesVideo
TUE_02X-type Undulator for 4th Generation Light SourcesErik Wallen - ALSSlidesVideo
TUE_03Biperiodic Undulator: Compact Insertion Device Devoted to Large Spectral Range Beamlines for SOLEIL-IIOlivier Marcouillé - SOLEILSlidesVideo
TUE_04In-vacuum APPLE at BESSY IIJohannes Bahrdt - BESSYSlidesVideo
TUE_05Cornell Compact Variable-Gap Undulators with Hydraulic-Assist Driver and Enhanced Magnetic FieldAlexander Temnykh - CHESSSlidesVideo
TUE_06Development of HTS Undulators at PSIKai Zhang - Zhangjiang LabSlidesVideo
TUE_07Design and Production of an APPLE-X UndulatorMirko Kokole - KYMASlidesVideo
TUE_08Physical Optics Simulations for Insertion Devices in Modern Synchrotron Light SourcesOleg Chubar - NSLS-IISlidesVideo
TUE_09Automated Field Measurement and TuningThomas Schmidt - PSISlidesVideo
TUE_10Automated Field Measurement and Tuning of APPLE X Undulators at European XFELUwe Englisch - XFELSlidesVideo
TUE_11Development and Magnetic Measurement of CPMUs at Diamond Light SourceGeetanjali Sharma - DiamondSlidesVideo
TUE_12Characterization of Some SOLEIL Insertion Devices Using the Pulsed Wire MethodMathieu Valleau - SOLEILSlidesVideo
TUE_13Vibrating Wire Technique: Basics and ApplicationsAlexander Temnykh - CHESSSlidesVideo
TUE_14Field Correction and Measurement of Cryogenic Permanent Magnet Undulators at TPSJui-Che Huang - NSRRCSlidesVideo
TUE_15Undulator Tuning Optimization Over the Full Operational Range, Assisted by Genetic AlgorithmMaofei Qian - APSSlidesVideo
TUE_16Design, Testing, and Phase Error Correction of the APSU SCU MagnetsMatthew Kasa - APSSlidesVideo
TUE_17High Precision Insertion Device Control and SynchronizationDean Hidas - NSLS-IISlidesVideo
TUE_18Status Update and Virtual Tour of APS UpgradeJim Kerby - ANL AUPSlidesVideo
September 27, 2023, Wednesday
WED_01Intro to Summary and Discussion Sessions; Ground RulesJohn Byrd - APSSlidesVideo
WED_02Summary and Discussion: Monday AMLeader: Johannes BahrdtSlidesVideo
WED_03Summary and Discussion: Superconducting UndulatorsLeader: Yury IvanyushenkovSlidesVideo
WED_04Summary and Discussion: Tuesday AMLeader: Joseph XuSlidesVideo
WED_05Summary and Discussion: ID Measurement & TuningLeader: Zachary WolfSlidesVideo
WED_06Final Comments and CloseoutLeader: John ByrdSlidesVideo