The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Computational Projects: CXS Group


Active CXS Tasks
  • Highly parallelized iterative tomography reconstruction methodology:
    • using Trace (collaborative with MCS);
    • in TomoPy (with NERSC; NESCAP supported)
  • Mosaic tomography reconstruction algorithms (collaborative with Univ. of Chicago, Notre Dame, Northeastern Univ. & ALCF; LDRD & ADSP support)
  • MONA: Design and testing of a Framework for streaming data analysis for adaptive control of experiments (combined project of CXS, SDM & BCDA)
  • Development of tomographic reconstruction methodology for ptychographic measurements (with MCS)
  • Multimodal interpretation of diffusion tensor MRI and microCT assisted by machine learning (with Univ. of Chicago; supported by U of C Seed Grant)
  • Algorithms for correction of experimental aberrations in x-ray scanning probe measurements (with MCS; LDRD support)
  • Methodologies for differential phase contrast surface reconstructions (with Optics group)
  • Coded aperature depth reconstruction algorithms for Laue diffraction microscopy (with Surface Scattering & Microdiffraction group)
  • Robust Optimization and Modeling for Phase Retrieval (ROMPR): modeling and optimization for automating coherent X-ray diffraction imaging (led by MCS; ASCR Applied Math funded)
  • Advanced algorithms for high energy diffraction microscopy (HEDM) using APS's MIDAS code (with Materials Physics and Engineering group)
    • Processing pipelines for real-time data reduction and inversion with NERSC & Orthros (draws on past MCS work; LDRD supported)
    • Combined processing of multiple detector data
    • Model development for interpretation of near-field HEDM diffraction intensities
    • Mosaic HEDM: combining results from double-focussed beams
  • Expansion of comprehensive model-fitting all types of diffraction data with GSAS-II: fitting to reflectometry data; derivation of powder diffraction profile models from fundamental parameter instrument descriptions; scripting capabilities for automated beamline calibration; optimization stacking fault parameters.

Planned tasks include:

  • Algorithms for identifying aliens (extraneous scattering) in CDI (with SDM; requestor: Ross Harder)

Awaits sample data with highlighted "aliens" and prototype inversion code

  • Exploration of thin-section fluorescence tomography reconstruction (requestor: Olga Antipova)

Awaits sample data sets for method development

Tasks referred to SDM:

  • Droplet size/centering recognition & control (requestor Soeke Seifert)
  • Data quality feedback for SAXS (Beyongdu Lee);

Future discussions needed:

  • HE TXM Tomography (Almer/Kenesei)
  • Fluorescence confocal mapping (TRR & SPC)