The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Safety Plan Review Committee (SPRC)


The APS Safety Plan Review Committee (SPRC) advises the AES Division Director on the completeness of APS Beamline, including Collaborative Access Teams (CAT), Collaborative Development Teams (CDT), and the APS X-ray Science Division Beamlines ES&H Plans.

The SPRC reviews each Beamline’s environment, safety, and health plan, and provides feedback directly to the Beamline for enhancements or revisions.


The SPRC members are appointed by the AES Division Director. The current members of the SPRC are:

Bruce Glagola PSC - Chair
Edmund Chang AES
Paul Rossi XSD
Steve Davey AES
Nena Moonier PSC
  • The Chair will coordinate the review by committee members and provide feedback to the Beamline and APS.
  • Outside experts are brought in on an as needed basis

The SPRC reviews each Beamline’s environment, safety, and health plan and updates thereof to ensure that:

  • The Beamline Safety Plan complies with the current version of Beamline Safety Plan criteria as published on the APS User Policies and Procedures web page.
Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.

Updated:July 8, 2015
ICMS File: APS_1195288