The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Safety Committee for Design Reviews (SCDR)


The APS Safety Committee for Design Reviews (SCDR) will evaluate the designs of new or modified facilities/components to help to ensure that designs meet APS and ANL standards for safety.


Members appointed by the APS Division Directors.

Current members:

Steve Davey AES Technical Operations Specialist
Bruce Glagola PSC Safety Officer, User ESH Support
Elroy Chang AES & ASD, ES&H Coordinator
Paul Rossi XSD ES&H Coordinator

For the review of safety aspects of beamlines or front ends, the SCDR will be chaired by the AOD Technical Operations Specialist; for all other reviews the SCDR will be chaired by the ESH Coordinator for the Division requesting the review.


The APS design review process uses Design Review Steering Committees to organize reviews. Designs of facilities or components that can impact safety at the APS will be forwarded by the steering committee to the SCDR for evaluation. (Note: the chair of the SCDR will also serve as a member of the requesting steering committee.)

The SCDR will assess the safety aspects of a submitted design for compliance with APS and ANL designs. In cases where the requirements of the review go beyond the expertise of the committee, the SCDR will solicit input from standing APS safety committees. If the committee believes that technical input is needed to assess a safety issue, it will request the Steering Committee to provide the needed information/evaluation.

The SCDR will:

  • Ensure that the design meet APS and ANL ESH standards;
  • Ensure that the design meets design standards set by the national mechanical, electrical, and radiological protection standards (e.g., ASME pressure standards, National Electric Code, and DOE/CFR radiological regulations, etc.);
  • Request reviews by standing APS safety committees as appropriate;
  • Ensure identification of radiation safety systems according to APS specified classifications;
  • Ensure that any design for a shutter, beam stop, or any other device in which it is critical to know it’s status (e.g., will it pass or stop a beam), includes a means to unambiguously identify this status by visual observation.
  • A written report will be provided to the steering committee in a timely manner.

The committee may also advise design groups on ESH aspect of designs.

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will be triggered at the request of a Design Review Steering Committee, APS Divisional Management, or technical Group Leaders to review specific projects, or at the discretion of the panel chair.


The SCDR Chair will provide the Steering Committee, or other requestor, with relevant safety evaluation documentation, recommendations, and review results in a timely manner and will maintain committee records (meeting minutes, reports, etc.) in the APS document management system.