The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Beamline Commissioning Team (BCT)


Manage the shielding validation of newly installed beamline radiation shielding, ensuring that radiation levels are reduced to levels that meet DOE, ANL, and APS requirements and ALARA objectives.

Member Division Role
S. Butala RSO Chair
M. Ramanathan AES AES CCSM & BCRRT Chair
J. Vacca AES RSO-Health Physicist
W. VanWingeren PSC PSC Commissioning Coordinator
Floor Coordinator AES Beamline Operations Support
Beamline Staff   Beamline Technical Staff

The Team will:

  • In advance of the shielding validation, review the shielding validation plan prepared by the Committee Chair,
  • Coordinate the scheduling of the shielding validation,
  • Coordinate setup of validation hardware (temporary stops, transport, scattering targets, etc.)
  • Oversee the Health Physics (HP) validation measurements,

Review and endorse the HP measurements, and Chair reports validation results, with recommendations for operational authorizations and/or limitations, to the AES Division Director.

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will be held at the direction of the Committee Chair in response to requests for commissioning of beamlines.


The Chair shall coordinate team activities and provide recommendations for operational authorizations and/or limitations, to the AOD Division Director. The BCRRT Chair shall request validations of the BCT Chair. The RSO-HP group shall perform the validation measurements.