The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

AES Groups

Computer Systems
Information Solutions
The Information Solutions (IS) group develops and maintains applications supporting APS business and supports the management of documents with the Integrated Content Management System.
Information Technology
The Information Technology group provides technical support for the networks, servers, storage and desktop computer systems used at the APS. IT strives to provide a leading-edge information technology infrastructure, helping to ensure that the APS remains a state of the art, user-oriented scientific facility.
EFOG Floor Coordinators
Experimental Facility Operation Group
The EFOG Group provides facility ESH oversight for all user experiment safety and day-to-day beamline activities. The EFOG Floor Coordinators are deployed around the experiment hall, providing shift coverage, and support to users and beamline operations personnel to help ensure their activities meet ESH standards.
Mechanical and Interlock Systems
Design and Drafting
The Design and Drafting group supports the operation and improvement of the APS through the Accelerator Systems Division's continued improvement of the accelerator, the X-ray Science Division's continued development of advanced research, as well as the scientific community's needs at the APS. The DD group strives to support all areas of the APS using leading-edge technology such as 3D modeling, rendering, and animation, as well as additive manufacturing using our rapid prototype machine.
Mechanical Engineering and Design
The Mechanical Engineering and Design group provides mechanical design, fabrication, assembly, test, installation, survey and alignment of accelerator and beamline components including magnets, insertion devices and ID vacuum chambers, front ends, rf system components, and synchrotron radiation beamline instrumentation.
Mechanical Operations and Maintenance
The Mechanical Operations and Maintenance group operates and maintains various mechanical systems, water and cryogenic subsystems, and all vacuum systems of the APS facility.Suppports a stringent preventative maintenance policy that allows the machine to operate at a high reliability, furnish user suppport while fostering a culture of high safety.
Safety Interlocks
The Safety Interlocks group develops, implements, and supports primarily PLC-based interlocks systems for personnel access control and equipment protection of the APS accelerators and beamlines.