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Update on APS Operations and Schedule

May 20, 2020

Because of COVID-19, the APS run schedule has been modified to shorten the upcoming maintenance period to June 1 – June 10.  Additionally, the late summer maintenance period has been shifted to August 13 – September 14 in coordination with NSLS II so there is no extended time where neither facility is operating, allowing for uninterrupted x-ray access for COVID-19 research.  We expect the 2020-3 run will follow the normal schedule template starting October 1, 2020.  The current run schedule can be found at Long-Range Schedule.

      2020-1:  January 31 (8:00 am) – May 31 (11:59 pm)

      2020-2:  June 10 (8:00 am) – September 28 (8:00 am)

      2020-3:  October 1 (8:00 am) – December 16 (TBD)

APS is also beginning to gradually expand the mail-in/remote access mode from the current only COVID-related work to any mail-in/remote access work involving low-risk samples and most medium-risk samples (as defined on the ESAF form).  High-risk samples will not be permitted at this time reflecting the APS operational posture.

  1. In preparation for the expanded mail-in/remote access mode, APS has requested that beamline managers reach out to their users to let them know:
    1. the overall status of their beamline(s),
    2. what they currently can or are planning to support,
    3. and to see if your experiments are ready and compatible with beamline operations during this time. 

If you do not hear from them, feel free to contact the beamline staff yourself.

  1. Users who wish to make use of mail-in/remote access, but who do not typically utilize these modes, are reminded that all site access rules still apply (need to be a registered user, have site access approval, and a valid User Agreement, etc.).
  1. The Beamtime Allocation Committee (BAC) meeting for the 2020-2 run has been postponed until we have a clearer picture of the allowed APS access modes going forward.  As of today:
    1. previously cancelled beamtime,
    2. PRP scores of proposals that requested time in 2020-2, and
    3. mail-in/remote feasibility will be used by the beamline managers to prioritize allocations.  The goal is to get as many experiments back on the beamlines as feasible.

Stephen Streiffer
Associate Laboratory Director
Director, Advanced Photon Source


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