The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Commissioning Readiness Review Team (CRRT)


The APS Commissioning Readiness Review Team reports to the PSC DALD Operations and advises the appropriate final commissioning authorizer for all activities related to the safe commissioning of new or modified installations.  

The commissioning readiness review verifies that the approved designs were implemented in the installation process. It verifies that mechanical and vacuum systems are operational and validated prior to shielding verification of a new or modified installations. The review will ensure that the hardware, personnel, and documentation are in place to ensure safe reliable operations.

It does not refer to setting up experiment-specific, transient systems and components (covered as part of the experiment safety review).


CRRT is responsible for reviewing the readiness of new and modified installations for safe commissioning. All outstanding issues from the PSC Design Review Committee (PDRC) review are verified to be closed out by the CRRT. The plans for commissioning are reviewed to ensure that the components and equipment designs satisfy ANL and APS safety and operations requirements. Plans will be reviewed for consistency with APS schedules.

The request to conduct a CRRT review is initiated by the appropriate final commissioning authorizer. A CRRT review will also be initiated on direct request by a Division Director, Deputy ALD or the ALD.

The Committee will:

  1. Review the PDRC review report to ensure any outstanding issues were resolved,
  2. Ensure that all documents (layouts, shielding configurations, ray tracings, specifications, operating procedures, etc.) are on file,
  3. Review the readiness for commissioning and document its readiness,
  4. Review the commissioning plans to make sure that it meets APS and ANL standards of safety,
  5. Coordinate the scheduling of the shielding validation as needed
  6. Coordinate setup of validation hardware (temporary stops, transport, scattering targets, etc.)
  7. Oversee the Health Physics (HP) validation measurements
  8. Validate that the installation meets APS operational requirements (e.g., compliance with the APS Vacuum Policy),
  9. Prepare written recommendations for operational authorizations and/or limitations, to the appropriate final commissioning authorizer.
Reports to

PSC DALD Operations.

Subject Area Representative
CRRT Chair* D. Haeffner
PDRC Chair* P. Pedergnana
Experimental Facilities Group Leader* N. Moonier
Safety Interlock Readiness* G. Markovich
Documentation Readiness* B. Rusthoven
Facility Operations Readiness* G. Doktorczyk
Health Physicist* B. Heyeck
Commissioning Coordinator* W. VanWingeren
Accelerator Operations Support R. Flood
Accelerator Technical Staff Machine-Responsible Person
Beamline Operations Support Floor Coordinator
Beamline Technical Staff Beamline Staff
Front Ends Readiness T. Clute
Insertion Device Readiness J. Grimmer or alternate
Other SME(s) as required
Meeting Frequency

Meetings will be held at the direction of the Committee Chair in response to requests for commissioning.