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Three from X-ray Science Division Earn Argonne Awards

At a ceremony held at Argonne on Monday, November 4, 2019, Daniel Haskel (X-ray Science Division) was presented a 2019 UChicago Argonne Board of Governors Distinguished Performance Award, and Raymond Ziegler (X-ray Science Division) was presented a UChicago Argonne Board of Governors Outstanding Service Award. The Board of Governors Awards, presented annually, honor distinguished employee performance, outstanding service to the Laboratory, and excellence in diversity and inclusion, education, and safety.

The Distinguished Performance Award presented to Daniel Haskel recognizes a specific outstanding achievement or a distinguished record of such achievements by an employee of the Laboratory in the areas of basic and applied science and engineering. Haskel was presented with the award for his work on developing and leading world-class instrumentation, research, and user programs for x-ray studies of quantum matter and magnetism at extreme pressure conditions. His work has placed the APS and Argonne at the forefront of this field and provided the foundation for Argonne’s continued leadership in this area with the future buildup of beamline POLAR within the APS-U project.

The Outstanding Service Award presented to Ray Ziegler recognizes employees in support positions whose exemplary service over an extended period has significantly contributed toward helping the laboratory fulfill its various missions and attain its overall goals. In Ray’s case, this included his contributions to a high-throughput x-ray scattering chamber; leading the rebuild of an APS beamline equipment protection system and the higher-x-ray-energy reconfiguration of another beamline; major efforts in reducing potential hazards in the work environment by eliminating more than 250 surplus chemicals; and streamlining the infrastructure in the most crowded APS experiment station, as well as a demonstrable continued commitment to safety and quality.

On October14, 2019, Richard Spence (X-ray Science Division) received an Argonne Director’s Award for taking responsibility to convince others to reuse or repurpose their stored equipment. He actively supervised the riggers, hoists, and pulleys that are used to move heavy machinery at the APS. His work optimized the use of storage space and promoted workplace efficiency. The Argonne Director’s Award presented to Spence recognizes specific performance efforts or achievements that significantly exceed normal requirements of an employee’s position, project assignment, and individual situation. Awards may be given for innovation, discovery, extraordinary effort, program development, safety initiative, peer recognition, or a significant cost reduction.

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