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X-ray Spectroscopy Special Interest Group (SIG) - Strain-induced Magnetism and Superconductivity in Single-crystalline Heusler Membranes

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Jason K Kawasaki, University of Wisconsin – Madison
George Sterbinsky and Mary Upton
Start Date
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11:00 a.m.


Single-crystalline membranes of functional materials enable the tuning of properties via extreme strain states; however, conventional routes for producing membranes require the use of sacrificial layers and chemical etchants, which can both damage the membrane and limit the ability to make them ultrathin. I will describe how the growth of thin films on graphene-terminated substrates enables synthesis of single crystalline, mechanically exfoliatable membranes [1,2]. Using rippled membranes of the Heusler compound GdPtSb, we demonstrate the first experimental example of flexomagnetism, that is, ferro/ferri-magnetism induced by strain gradients [3]. I will also describe evidence of superconductivity induced in another Heusler membrane via strain. More broadly, Heusler membranes provide highly tunable platform for tuning ferroic order, topological states, and correlations [4].

[1] S. Manzo et al., Nature Commun., 13, 4014 (2022).

[2] D. Du et al., Nano Lett. 22, 21, 8647 (2022).

[3] D. Du et al., Nature Commun., 12, 2494 (2021).

[4] D. Du et al.,  APL, 122, 170501 (2023).

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