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Novel Optics for Optimizing the 4th Generation Synchrotron Radiation Facility

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Yoshio Ichii, JTEC Corporation
Lahsen Assoufid
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10:30 a.m.

A spin-off company of Osaka University, JTEC Corporation has deployed many tools to fabricate X-ray mirrors with unprecedented surface quality, reaching 1 nm figure error in all spatial frequencies. These tools include EEM, nano-fabrication technology, and RADSI and MSI nano-measurements [1-3]. Since its inception in 2006, JTEC has delivered approximately 1,100 super-precision X-ray mirrors. In this presentation, we will briefly review our current products and the state-of-the-art mirrors we supplied to new generation light sources worldwide. We will also review our lastest development and results in super-polished KB mirrors, Wolter type I [4] and type III [5] mirrors, and deformable mirror assemblies [6,7].

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