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Matthew Paige, Department of Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan
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10:00 a.m.

TITLE: Perfluorocarbons in Surfactant Monolayers or Why “lipophobic” is a bad word

ABSTRACT: Perfluorinated surfactants are highly surface active chemical entities that can be used to tailor properties of monolayer films.  My research group has been exploring the impact of perfluorinated surfactants on a variety of monolayers at the air-water and solid-air interfaces, with a view to using these compounds to control micrometer and nanometer length-scale structures of interfaces.  In this seminar, I will focus on studies in which we have used the mutual immiscibility of a simple “lipophobic” perfluorocarbon with different hydrogenated surfactants to pattern and control interfacial behavior.  Our recent work has focused on the relationship between chemical structures and corresponding monolayer structures in mixed gemini surfactant-perfluorcarbon films, as well as a mixed, photopolymerizable surfactant system which exhibits unique single-molecule fluorescence emission behavior.

Meeting ID: 942 2008 0385
Password: 013444


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