X-ray Science Division Jobs (last updated 04/03/2014)

Current Openings:

Postdoctoral Openings:

#321711 Atomic, Molecular, & Optical (AMO) Group, Physicist

Performs innovative fundamental research on laser and x-ray interactions with atoms, molecules, clusters, and nanoparticles in both gas-phase and condensed-phase environments. Develops experimental apparatus and measurement techniques using synchrotron radiation, free-electron lasers, and optical lasers. Develops innovative approaches to understand photon-interactions with complex systems and phenomena. Analyzes and interprets data and presents results in peer-reviewed literature and at scientific conferences. Works collaboratively within the Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Physics group and the X-ray Science Division to develop a research program consistent with the mission of the AMO Sciences: which emphasizes the development and application of new ultrafast x-ray and optical probes of matter, including experiments at the Linac Coherent Light Source and BES synchrotron light sources and theoretical and computational methods for the interpretation of ultrafast measurements.

#321994 Structural Science (SRS) Group, Assistant Chemist

This Assistant Chemist position will design, develop and conduct research programs related to structural studies of materials using the X-ray scattering techniques powder diffraction and pair-distribution-function (PDF) analysis, and/or related methods such as anomalous scattering and single crystal Bragg and diffuse scattering. The role will perform collaborative research with internal and external research scientists,  support user experiments, principally at 17-BM (powder diffraction), but also at other beamlines in the Structural Sciences group as needed, and initiate research activities in the areas of materials for energy generation, storage, conversion, and sustainability. This hire will also be expected to recruit new research groups to utilize the beamlines in the Structural Sciences group.

#321491 Time Resolved Research (TRR) Group, Postdoctoral Appointee
Advisor - Suresh Narayanan

This Postdoctoral Appointee will work with members of the Time Resolved Research group at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) and the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) to perform innovative research on probing nanoscale dynamics in shear thickening complex fluids using small angle coherent x-ray scattering. The scope of the research project includes the synthesis of novel nanoparticle dispersion in complex fluids and carrying out bulk rheological measurements using the facilities at the CNM and use the x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy beamline at the APS to study and correlate the dynamic properties with the rheological characteristics. The candidate is responsible for conceiving, planning and implementing the scientific research, and for reporting relevant results in an appropriate form.