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The following table contains an index of EPICS Soft Support modules available for use within IOCs. Record types that are part of EPICS base are not listed here - see the Record Reference Manual and Release Notes for your version of base to get more information about these.

To request a new entry in this table for your Soft Support module, use this form.

Class Name Description Contact Link
Driver (Asyn) iocshDev iocsh command device support Eric Norum APS:modules
embedded linux Build rootfs Scripts to build a minimal Linux rootfs Michael Abbott Diamond:Rootfs
facility areaDetector Support for cameras etc. Uses ASYN Mark Rivers CARS:areaDetector
facility ASYN General-purpose device interface facility Mark Rivers APS:asyn
facility asynUSBTMC ASYN support for USB Test & Measurement Class devices Eric Norum SF:asynUSBTMC
facility caPutLog Logging of CA puts to iocLogServer Benjamin Franksen BESSY:caPutLog
facility caputRecorder Record CA puts for replay in Python Tim Mooney APS:caputRecorder
facility cmlog Distributed message logging system Jie Chen JLAB:cmlog
facility dbRestore Bumpless Restart Restore from Socket or CW File Stephanie Allison SLAC:dbRestore
facility devIocStats IOC Status and Control Stephanie Allison SLAC:devIocStats
facility devLib2 DevLib extensions for PCIbus, mmio, VME64 CR/CSR Michael Davidsaver SF:devlib2
facility drvAscii Generic serial device support, uses /tyCo/n Allan Honey KECK:drvAscii
facility IOC Monitoring Extended vxStats PSI:iocmon
facility PC Monitoring Linux version of IOC Monitoring Miroslaw Dach PSI:pcmon
facility pvload Runtime save/restore utility, can also run on host Kevin Tsubota
facility pvMail Sends email when PV changes from 0 to 1 Pete Jemian APS:pvMail
facility rtemsutils RTEMS IOC utilities (includes spy command) Eric Norum APS:modules
facility Save/Restore Bumpless IOC Reboot support Tim Mooney APS:synApps/autosave
facility sequencer SNL compiler & sequencer Benjamin Franksen BESSY:sequencer
facility StreamDevice Programmable Serial Device Support, uses ASYN Dirk Zimoch PSI:streamDevice
Interpose (Asyn) asynDribble Limits asynOctet character output rate Eric Norum APS:modules
record busy database interface to putNotify() - e.g., make a complex device useable by ca_put_callback() Tim Mooney APS:synApps/busy
record cad, car, sir, apply Implements Gemini Command/Action Layer between IOC's. Andy Foster OSL:epics
record camac Probes CAMAC Mark Rivers CARS:camacRecord
record concat Concatenate scalars & waveforms Andrew Starritt
record cvt Linear, subroutine, 1D or 2D table value conversions Benjamin Franksen BESSY:csm
record epid Enhanced PID record Mark Rivers APS:synApps/std
record genSub Multi-I/O subroutine, handles arrays Andy Foster OSL:epics
record gpib Probes GPIB Mark Rivers CARS:gpibRecord
record hiv Access LeCroy or CAEN HV mainframes McCormick
record interp General-purpose interpolation Kevin Tsubota KECK:interp.tgz
record mca Supports multichannel analyzers Mark Rivers CARS:mca
record motor Alternative to steppermotor record - different device/driver support, user/dial coordinates, backlash takeout, encoders. Ron Sluiter APS:motor
record pal Emulates PAL-type IC Matt Stettler
record sCalcout string-calc-output (cf. calcout record in base) Tim Mooney APS:synApps/calc
record scaler Control a bank of counters Tim Mooney APS:synApps/std
record serial Probes Serial Mark Rivers CARS:serialRecord
record spectrum Calculate the one-dimensional FFT of a waveform Jeff Hill APS:waveProc
record sscan Programmatically set conditions and acquire data Tim Mooney APS:synApps/sscan
record sseq string sequence (cf. seq record in base) - Execute a sequence of EPICS writes to a set of EPICS PVs; optionally, wait for completion after write. Tim Mooney APS:synApps/calc
record swait mostly superceded by calcout record - Evaluate a numeric expression; write the result to an EPICS PV; optionally wait for completion. Tim Mooney APS:synApps/calc
record table Control a six-degree-of-freedom optical table Tim Mooney APS:synApps/optics
record timestamp Timestamp record, exports its timestamp as a string Stephanie Allison SLAC:timestamp
record transferarray Splice subarray into another array Hiroshi Kaji KEK:transferarray
record transform Like 'calcout', but supports 16 expressions that can use the results of any previously evaluated expressions Tim Mooney APS:synApps/calc
record vme Probes VMEbus Mark Rivers CARS:vmeRecord
record waveAnl Compute statistics on a region of interest of a waveform APS:waveProc
soft device LVDCOM Control NI LabVIEW from EPICS Freddie Akeroyd ISIS:EPICS
soft device NetShrVar Access NI Network Shared Variables from EPICS Freddie Akeroyd ISIS:EPICS
soft device tcioc Publish TwinCAT variables as PVs Jameson Graef Rollins LIGO:tcioc
soft device BACnet ai, ao, bi, bo, mbbi, stringin over BACnet/IP Brad Webb SNS:BACnet
soft device devOPC Device Support for I/O via an OPC Server Bernhard Kuner BESSY:OPCsupport
soft device devSNMP Device support for SNMP-protocol Albert Kagarmanov DESY:devSNMP
soft device devSymb VxWorks Global Symbol table device support APS:devSymb
soft device IOC-OCTAVE IOC Device support for driving the GNU OCTAVE package Miroslaw Dach PSI:octave
soft device PCMON Linux CPU monitoring: uptime, loadavg ... Miroslaw Dach PSI:pcmon
soft device pyDevSup Python API for writing device support Michael Davidsaver github:pyDevSup
soft device snmp-nscl Enhanced SNMP device support John A. Priller NSCL:Controls
soft device vxStats-APS IOC Resource monitor for vxWorks Janet Anderson APS:vxStats
special function RegScanPosGen App to enable sscan scans with a variable step size J. Lewis Muir IMCA:RegScanPosGen
special function x-ray monochromator support for various x-ray monochromators (channel-cut, dispersive double crystal, spherical grating) Tim Mooney APS:synApps/optics
testing realTimePerform RTOS Performance Measurement Shifu Xu APS:rtPerf
Class Name Description Contact Link

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