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Core-talk Mailing List

Core-talk is a mailing list for use by the core EPICS developers, although anyone can subscribe to it. See below for subscription instructions. Please post general questions about EPICS to the tech-talk mailing list, not here.

List Archives

Messages are archived annually.

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The core-talk archives are searchable. The archive search index is updated overnight, so today's messages won't appear in any search results. Give a space- or comma-separated list of words to search for. Only whole words will be matched. Check the box to return a list of messages containing any of the search words, othewise only messages containing all the words will be returned.

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Subscribing to Core-talk

There are two ways to read core-talk:

RSS Subscription

You can be notified about the arrival of new core-talk messages at the list archive without having to subscribe, using the RSS feed . Visiting that link in a regular web browser won't show anything particularly useful; if you aren't familiar with RSS read this. I use the Google Reader for reading RSS feeds, but there are many readers available, including one built into the Firefox web browser and another in the Thunderbird email program.

Note that the core-talk RSS feed does not include the full text of the messages, only the subject line and author's name, but it does provide a link to the full message in the archive.

Email Subscription

To have core-talk messages forwarded to you by email, visit the mailman information page for the core-talk list and fill in the subscription form there. You can also subscribe via email; send a message to core-talk-request@aps.anl.gov that contains just the work "help" in either the subject or message body for further instructions.

To send a message to a list

In general you should subscribe if you intend to send messages to this list (note that you can subscribe but turn message delivery off if you normally read core-talk through the RSS feed). If you aren't subscribed, your message will have to be approved by a list moderator, which will delay its delivery. However it should eventually get through (unless it looks like spam), so a subscription is not essential.

Address messages to core-talk@aps.anl.gov, for example:

Please use a relevent subject line
Your message...

Some broken mail programs may try to send messages to the bounce-address core-talk-bounces@aps.anl.gov which is the envelope return address used for all outgoing messages and is only supposed to receive information about messages that can't be delivered. If you do not correct this address before sending, your messages will be delayed as they will have to be forwared by the list owner.

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